September 2012 Newsletter

Suzy Prayer Walks in the USA!

Suzy is looking forward to seeing many of you at this year’s prayer walk fundraiser on September 22nd in CA. Our goal is to raise funds so In Deed and Truth Ministries can continue to reach out to over 50,000 Sudanese in the Tonj area of South Sudan through our expanding medical clinic, outreach programs, Jesus film, three churches, 15 pastors and the Community Health Evangelists. If you feel led to help us with the increasing costs of running these programs and ministering to the Tonj community please visit our website for walker and sponsor information. If you cannot attend please consider sponsoring Suzy to walk or giving a special donation marked ‘Prayer Walk.’

Suzy is only in San Diego for 6 days, so this prayer walk day has been set aside for her to visit, reconnect, share and pray with those who have supported us so faithfully over the last 13 years and for those who want to learn more about what we have been called to do in South Sudan. Suzy will be available before, during and after the walk for fun and fellowship. This year’s walk is at Horizon North County Church starting at 10 am with lunch provided. Please go to our website and register or call Jeamette Lock for more information.

Embrace Infant Warmer!

Sabet & Suzy receiving EmbraceEmbrace Infant Warmers were introduced to us through a friend. These baby sized sleeping bags havebeen tested throughout India and some other countries to reduce infant mortality, which South Sudan has one of the highest rates. The device works like a traditional incubator, regulating the baby’s body temperature but at a fraction of the cost to buy and even to operate. It can work with or without electricity, has no moving parts, is portable and safe to use. Due to the high number of babies we deliver and treat in a high risk area of infant mortality our clinic was one chosen by Embrace to begin using this device in Africa.

Embrace donated two infant baby warmers to our medical clinic and even traveled to Kenya where we were able to connect and collect them. We will keep you posted on how these simple devices are saving lives. To learn more about Embrace please visit their website.

Box of Blessings!

Box of Blessings was set up to help support the Kuj family as missionaries in a very remote and challenging location. The boxes are filled with special gifts and items for the family and sent with visitors to their location. We have several boxes ready to be filled and sent. If you would like to personally bless them and can help purchase items or donate so we can purchase on your behalf please contact Jeamette Lock for the family’s wish list.

Tonj Olympic Games!

Olympic Kid’s Games in TonjWhile the Olympics were going on in London, we started our own Kids Games Olympic style for the kids in Tonj and the surrounding areas. As you can see from the photo not as flashy as the Olympics but these children had fun playing, and heard the gospel with open hearts. Two of our medical staff, Gabriel and Emmanuel, together with Donato, Pastor Santino and our compound manager Albino, formed a team to go from village to village conducting kids games.

Their main objective was to encourage the kids that they are important in the society, and especially precious to the Lord Jesus, no matter where they come from or family background. Many of them think that they are less important than others because they do not have nice clothes and shoes. This makes them not to attend Sunday school. The games created a good relationship with the coaches who showed Jesus’ love and care for them. They were taught to respect each other, their parents, to have discipline and work hard in school (though only a few of them go to school) and to trust in the Lord Jesus.

Prayer Requests!

  • For the Kuj family as they spend time apart, safe travels for Suzy.
  • For the Lord’s blessing on the prayer walk, good weather.
  • Upcoming Pastor’s graduation on October 6th.