September 2023 Newsletter

Food Shortage!

I am so grateful that for the past four years, In Deed and Truth Ministries has been able to step in and bless the Tonj community with food whenever there is a shortage. Food insecurity in South Sudan affects more than half the 12 million population. Can you imagine in America or Europe, 1 in 10 people being severely malnourished and being a child under 10? This is a reality in South Sudan and something our ministry sees every day.

A few of men sitting on the ground with bags of rice
People coming to IDAT Hospital for Food

Jesus wept over Jerusalem. I have spent many nights weeping over Tonj, and over South Sudan. Oh LORD, the poverty, hunger, sickness, oppression, insecurity, and suffering? In Deed and Truth as a Christian ministry has a responsibility to bring Light and Hope to such darkness and desperation. A little compassion and love go a long way toward transforming hearts to follow Jesus.

A stack of rice sacks
IDAT Distributes Food

Watching people suffer spiritual poverty is the hardest of all. LORD, fill our cups to overflowing with compassion, give us the boldness to share the ONLY solution to this World crisis, which is faith in Jesus Christ.

Tonj Bible Institute!

The Bible school is progressing nicely and I wanted to share a few photo’s of the six week period from mid-July when we started building to the end of August. Our prayer is the school will be completed by the end of October. We will have our fourth 11-day Pastoral Ministry Diploma intensive class at the end of November, so we are hoping to have it all set up and ready before then.

Construction progress from foundation to half of the walls
Top: July 16th – Bottom: July 28th
Construction progress to full walls
Top: August 7th – Bottom: August 21st
Construction progress to full walls
Top: August 28th – Bottom: September 4th

Testimony from CC Tonj!

Calvary Chapel Tonj Senior Pastor, Mabior Bona Bol, received a phone call from one of his congregation, Agoth Anyuon. He told Mabior that a noise of stones was being thrown on his metal roof at night, every night for 2 weeks. They would go outside but no one was outside, but the noise continued. All the neighbors could see this problem and how much it was disturbing everyone, no one could explain it and they were afraid so they decided to call the church to come and pray.

A group of people being lead in prayer.
Mabior praying over the house & neighbors

Ps. Mabior came with several church members every day for one week and prayed over the house and with the neighbors. He himself witnessed the stone-throwing while he was there. But on the fourth day, as Mabior was sharing the gospel, there was a spiritual breakthrough and 44 people repented and gave their lives to Jesus. They continued to visit every day but after that breakthrough, the noise completely stopped! This is a great reminder that this world is not our home. Don’t get too comfortable! We have an enemy roaming like a roaring lion seeking who he may devour.

“For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places.” Ephesians 6:12

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  1. So good to see the progress on the Bible Institute!!! 44 souls saved!!! Thank you Jesus!!!
    May the Lord continue to richly bless all your service and keep your strength and spiritual health strong!! Blessings, Connie

  2. Happy Birthday Suzy! You have been, are, and God willing, will continue to be, such a blessing to the people of Tonj and all who know you stateside. May the Lord continue to bless you, your ministries and your family, too! Wherever you are, you’re never far from those who care about you, Blessings, Roy and Sue

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