December 2023 Newsletter

Sight to the Blind!

Last month I shared about the amazing cataract team from Samaritan’s Purse.

Suzy standing next to the Cataract Program banner.
IDAT partnership with Samaritan’s Purse

We are praising the LORD that the total number of patients operated on was 562 patients in 7 days, which is 100 more than last year!!

Crowd on of patents wearing hair nets sitting on rugs outside.
Patients came from near and far

This was a really busy two months for IDAT. As soon as the cataract team left we received a small team to come and help Calvary Chapel Tonj with three youth conferences and the IDAT Maternal Child Hospital with three medical outreaches to CHE villages. It’s so awesome how the LORD brings individuals from all around the world.

Volunteers and staff standing by the plane.
Youth Conference Team

Sister Visit!

It was a great joy to have my older sister Wendy and my niece Candice, visit for the first time and help on this team.

Suzy's sister handing a small african child an object
Candice on a medical outreach

Teams enable us to host events and do more outreach without putting extra strain on our staff. We also got a pharmacy stock check done in record time!!  Over 600 patients were seen through the three medical outreaches.

Michael praying for patients with our outreach pastor

This team also helped us do three one-day youth conferences in the different CHE regions of Mapel, Maloney and Tonj.

Tonj Youth perform a skit

We had 2000 youth attend and from them over 250 youth give their lives to Jesus across the three conferences.

It was also wonderful to share two baptisms with this team, one in Tonj, with 129 baptisms, and the other in Maloney with 35 baptisms.

“The LORD values those who fear Him, those who put their hope in His faithful love.” Psalm 147:11

Malony Baptism

Tonj Bible Institute!

After just five months the Tonj Bible Institute building was finally completed. We were blessed to have Pastor Jim, our partner in pastoral training, from Intensive Care Ministries Africa, dedicate the new building. Praying the LORD will continue to bless each person wanting to study and grow in their faith. Our first graduation is in May 2024. Email us for more info if you would like to attend.

Tonj Bible Institute building (above), and the ribbon cutting ceremony (below)
Tonj Bible Institute Dedication

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  1. Suzy, did ever even imagine what Jesus was going to do there the night you stood up to tell us you were going to Sudan!
    Simply all from Heaven it has rained ….
    Merry Christmas
    David Savage

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