What Happened to the Malaria?

First I want to say that God is so faithful, He pressed it upon my heart to travel with malaria tests and treatment from Sudan, so I was well prepared when the malaria hit.  Thank you to all that prayed for me.  I had a confirmed positive malaria test the night before I was supposed to fly from Kenya to UK.  Many of you prayed and there was a significant improvement by the morning so I traveled as planned.  Malaria is a bit tricky as the symptoms are up and down, one minute you feel OK and then you can’t function again.  I believe the combination of prayer and early treatment prevented the malaria from taking over my body.  On the flight I had a relapse, where Sabet had to sit Jed on his lap for most of the flight so I could lay across 2 seats.  What a great hubby I have!  On arrival at Heathrow, we were allowed to clear together as a family through the UK citizen channel, which meant Sabet did not have to stand for hours in an immigration line and I got to sit down again quickly.  A nice man came up to me at the baggage claim and said how glad he was to see me walking as he was so concerned about me on the flight.  I guess I looked a lot sicker than I realized even though I thought I was containing it very well.  Probably having two sweaters on and three airline blankets over me, shivering uncontrollably as I sweat profusely was an indication things were not good!

Thank you for praying, the malaria continued to come and go for a few days after arrival, mainly late afternoons and evenings until the following Monday morning (yesterday) and now I feel fine.