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Saved By Grace

Deborah Achok came to our clinic severely malnourished. She’s 18 years old and has a 3 month old baby boy called Kuol. Since giving birth she has not been able to keep food down and vomits if she tries to force it. Her husband abandoned her and so her mother and her sister accompanied her and Kuol to our clinic.

The mother was concerned because the family paid money to a witch-doctor and Deborah’s condition just got worse. So they concluded that witch-doctor put a curse on her and the baby, who was now struggling to get enough food from his malnourished mother. So they then went to another witch-doctor who sold charms to them to protect them from the curses of the previous witchcraft. After weeks of mother and child both deteriorating they were finally brought to our clinic.

As I was doing my morning rounds with Pastor Santino, Dr. Jono filled us in on Deborah’s condition. Immediately we could see she was not in good physical health and both her and the baby were wearing charms. We chatted about that and the sister told us about the visit to the witch-doctors. After a lengthy presentation of the gospel and why witchcraft and wearing the charms are so harmful, Deborah asked me if I would remove them. It was my pleasure to not just cut them off but throw them into the fire.

I then asked Deborah if she would be willing to take that step of faith one step further. And she said she was ready. Santino further counseled the sister and the mother and all three ladies together prayed and asked Jesus to be their Savior. Hopefully they will come to our church on Sunday. Please join us in praying for that.

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Arrival in Kenya

Thank you for your prayers. Our family arrived safely in Nairobi, Kenya. We fly into South Sudan on December 15th. The next 10 days will be filled with purchasing supplies, preparing our charter to fly to Tonj and adjusting to the 9 hour time change!

Family and friends send us off from Florida to Africa

How’s Mama Doing?

Mama and hannah

Thank you to everyone who has asked how Sabet’s mum is doing. She is definitely in her last days here and soon to be taken into the arms of her Savior. We are blessed to have a chance to be with her. She told me, “these children are now your children and I can go in peace”.  Every day we have with her now is a gift.

Hannah and kids
Hannah with her cousins. The grandkids of Mama Sabet

Suzy in Africa

There are many things I have had to endure as a missionary but one of the hardest is spending time apart from Sabet. This season has been a tough one for our family. Sabet has been gone for 3 months now and we all miss him.

When I was offered a ticket to Nairobi to see him I had mixed feelings. Of course I wanted to go but to leave the children and us both be so far away seemed impossible. But just as the Lord provided a way for me to go He also covered all our needs so I could leave in peace.

I have to say it was the strangest experience flying without the children. And arriving in Nairobi was even more odd, as I felt like a visitor to a place that has been a second home to us for 16 years.

All the ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ of whether to go were gone when I saw Sabet’s mum. Yes, she was frail and had lost so much weight but amazingly she was upbeat and in good spirits. It was a special time for the two of us to hug and cry and love on each other. The kids each wrote her a special note and she in return recorded a blessing to them.

Suzy with Mama Sabet
Suzy with Mama Sabet

The first week was busy packing up the mission house and sending everything to South Sudan. Sabet’s mum flew back to Tonj after a few days and then we were able to get some quality time together.

The second week went so fast! I have to say I have not missed running out of water, power outages, slow internet and crazy traffic!

Saying goodbye was bittersweet. I don’t know when Sabet and I will be together again.  Getting home to our precious children was the only thing that lifted my heart.

A BIG thank you to the lovely ladies, Mum, Theresa, Kym and Rosa, who stepped in and were ‘mum’ to Hannah, Agum and Jed. Thanking the Lord for them and the body of Christ that continues to help us navigate through this valley.