How’s Mama Doing?

Mama and hannah

Thank you to everyone who has asked how Sabet’s mum is doing. She is definitely in her last days here and soon to be taken into the arms of her Savior. We are blessed to have a chance to be with her. She told me, “these children are now your children and I can go in peace”.  Every day we have with her now is a gift.

Hannah and kids
Hannah with her cousins. The grandkids of Mama Sabet

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  1. So blessed to see you and Hannah with Mama to love on her in her difficult time. She has been such a faithful servant. We pray for much grace, peace and comfort for her. Please greet her in the love of Christ on my behalf.

  2. What a blessing for you to be able to physically be there and share with her in her final days, bringing her comfort and peace- knowing her children will be cared for and loved. I’m sure she waited to have you in her arms so you could see her faith, love, and assurance that “all is well” and both of you could have peace. Thank you for sharing all of that with us.

  3. Dear Suzy,
    Thank mama for all of us who have had a chance to be impacted by the man Sabet has become, by the ministry your family brings to the Kingdom and by mamas example of loving others in difficult times and circumstances, lots of fruit from one obedient family!

  4. Dear Suzy – Thank you for this post. I can not describe how this touched my heart. Momma Sabet was waiting to see her dear daughter in law and grand daughter one more time. We will pray now that all will be well with these children that she loved and cared for so carefully. Praising God with you across the Atlantic.

  5. I am so thankful that you and Hannah are with Mama Sabet now. Please thank her for being the BEST mom/grandmother ever and planting wonderful seeds in these beautiful children! What an impact she has made in more lives than she even realizes! We pray for your comfort and discernment while there, and also for your safety and that others will follow in Mama’s footsteps and realize that they are children of the King! We love you all!!!!!!

  6. We are so glad that you are able to share Mama Sabet’s last days, may you all find peace and understanding, just rest in the Everlasting Arms of our Lord. Much love to you all. I have today started a further course of chemo and am trusting in Him xx from Auntie Pat etc x

  7. Bless you all! Asking God to increase Mama Sabet s joy and peace and for God to provide families for all the children. Love to all of you, terri

  8. So glad to have news of Momma Sabet. The pictures are so telling–so touching! You and Hannah attending her and showing her the much deserved love and respect; Hannah in leadership with her cousins. So glad to have God’s timing–always perfect–allowing your arrival before her ‘departure’ into Jesus arms. What a marvelous man she has raised in Sabet; and so much love and care for all of her grandchildren. Praise God!

  9. Gosh! Hannah grew up suddenly! What a beautiful picture of the two of you with Sabet’s mom, and of Hannah with her cousins. We can see God’s love in the photos. 🙂 Thanking the Lord for all of you, and may God provide for all of you.

  10. So so glad you made it back to spend such precious time with Mama. Yours & Hannah’s presence will mean the world to her and I’m sure it means the world to you too to be able to be at her side. Sending much love and hugs to you all. xxx

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