Awesome Testimony

A Testimony from Sabet Today!

March 11, 2010

Matoch’s father came to the compound today so  he can talk to his family using my telephone.  He came with two other men.   I called Stacie, one of our missionaries here for a year, who was at Kijabe Hospital with Matoch and his other.  The evidence to see the joy in Matoch’s father’s face was very clear that after 12 days, he was so happy to speak with his son whom he couldn’t believe was still alive.!!

The real blessing came afterward when we started talking about my family and who Stacie was.  I explained she is a very good friend which is helping their son at the hospital.  I showed him the emails Suzy had sent with the pictures and we started talking about Jed and asked about how many kids I have, so I answered him.  He then asked me how many cows I paid for Suzy (typical sudanese disscussion) I said  none, not that she is valuless, but it’s the love we have that  allows us to to be in a covenant.  I began to share about God’s love  for everyone, John 3 :16 and Roman 5:8 and the gift of God is free  for all. We talking about how Christians show that love but like Suzy and Stacie leaving their homes and coming to Sudan to share this Good News with us.  I tell you I could see Matoch’s father looking and God working  in his heart.
We continued to talk about how many Dinka people are dying because of cows,  as they were listening they were nodding in agreement.  I started to tell them how many friends in the US, brothers and sisters in Christ are praying for us and doing more, like helping his son to be treated. All because they believe in the free love of God.  I explained it is for that reason people like my wife left her people to come and  live with me in Sudan, because of Christ and what He did  her for her.  The same goes for Stacie,  I shared that with them. I shared how these people don’t buy their wives with cows, and I intend to do the same with my daughters. I told them love is the better way.  I asked them if they wanted to except the Lord Jesus as Savior and trust Him and to my suprise they agreed and were very sure they wanted to except HIm as their personal Lord and Savior. I immediately prayed and asked them to pray each on on his own words and that’s what they did exactly ! What a joy to see what the ending of this story of Matoch has come to.
I am overjoyed with the Light that has shone down on them, all three of them Matoch’s father and his two uncles.  Then Matoch’s father asked me if he could give us Matoch so he can go to school and be far away from the cattle life.  He said he wants to sell two cows a year to pay for his school expenses.  This is culturally a miracle!!  I was delighted to see how he sees and agree with me the cow business is dangerous.  Now his son has a new life and he wants him to have nothing  to do with cows again.
So please pray for these brothers, that the Spirit of God would be on them and they would trust God and not retaliate this attack.  His father is called Malwag and the uncles are Mabior and Machol.
Tomorrow Matoch will be discharged, he does not need a second surgery and after a check up next week, he should be able to return to Sudan.  His Dad can’t wait to see him.
Thank you for praying and for these precious people.
Sabet Kuj
Tonj, Sudan