August 2022 Newsletter

Urgent Need!

This little girl really touched my heart. She is suffering so much and in desperate need of surgery. Please pray as you read her story that the Lord touches someone’s heart to help us to help her.

Achot with Suzy at the IDAT Hospital

Achot is a beautiful 7-year-old girl from our church who has heart failure due to Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD). In this condition damage occurs to the heart valves due to an autoimmune reaction to throat infection with streptococcal bacteria. RHD is rare in USA because we have readily available antibiotics, but it still occurs here in Africa where access to medical care is poor. As a result of her heart failure, she is struggling to breathe, gets frequent chest infections, and is not gaining weight. We sent the Echo scan images to a missionary cardiac surgeon at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya, who is confident his team can repair the severely damaged mitral and tricuspid heart valves. This would give Achot the ability to live a normal life and raise a family. The surgery carries a 2-3% risk of mortality, but without surgery her life expectancy is very short. The cost of surgery and transport to Kenya is $12,000 and we would absolutely love to see beautiful Achot given a chance to have a normal life! To help with this need please email me.

The bible says:

“Carry each other’s burdens and so you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2

Pastor Mabior Bona Bol!

Pastor Mabior is the Senior Pastor of Calvary Chapel Tonj. Even though he lived in many other places, he returned to Tonj following a dream he had in 2015. In the dream he saw a large crowd of people, including top officials gathered in Tonj’s Freedom Square. Then he heard a voice saying, “who will teach these people God’s Word.” Mabior stood up and started praying. It was an amazingly powerful prayer for his people and country, crying out to God until the rain poured down. People were asking him “why don’t you become a pastor?” At this point he woke up from the dream and asked God what he should do?

Pastor Mabior Bona Bol

Pastor Mabior was raised Catholic. As a teenager but experienced no change in his life or heart. Later in 2008, as a young adult, he started attending a Pentecostal church while working in Rumbek and became born again. Jesus completely changed his heart. During this time, he was sent for pastoral training and felt called to ministry, but there were a few things in the Pentecostal church that disturbed him.

Mabior moved back to his home town of Tonj in 2017 but found his church choices were limited to the local Catholic church, an Episcopal Church, and an Evangelical church, called Calvary Chapel Tonj. He visited CC Tonj, and immediately loved the style of preaching and worship and knew he found his home church. He started serving first as a volunteer and then was hired as the assistant pastor. In 2019, he became the lead pastor. Last year during the IDAT soccer tournament he was preaching to a great crowd including officials and realized that was the dream he saw in 2015. Pastor Mabior will be ordained as a Calvary Chapel Pastor on December 18th 2022.

Water Well Drilling!

As the CHE program continues to multiply and bring transformation to the villages of Tonj, the primary obstacle to health that community leaders share with us is their lack of clean drinking water. In South Sudan, the average distance a family lives from safe drinking water is 5 km, and for many of our CHE communities it is much further.

IDAT Well Drilling Team

So this year we are excited to be piloting a water well drilling program! Jim from USA and Jed Kuj completed their training in July, and are now training our team here. Despite the challenges of old equipment, flooding, and limited experience, the team have just reached 25m deep on their first water well. If this pilot goes well, we hope to purchase a new drill rig at the end of the year.

First Well Being Drilled