Nairobi Without Sabet

I haven’t been blogging very consistently over the past year and as I read back over my beginning blogs, I cried as I relived those moments and remembered the Lord’s faithfulness and I realized I want to be more consistent in this area. I will try and update a few times a week.

This past week has been crazy!!

Friday March 19th – Sabet called to say they had to medivac another small child from Sudan who was shot in the face and the nearest hospital was closed.  So now I’m on stand-by as I wait for news.  I’ve been working around the clock and I’m so tired.  Matoch has been sleeping in my room and having night terrors caused by post traumatic stress from being shot.  The kids sleep right through his screams as he recounts the terrible things he experienced.  It’s painful to watch him in such distress and the only comfort is in the morning he doesn’t remember a thing. 

Saturday March 20th – As the time approached for the plane to arrive in Tonj, I was busy making breakfast in Nairobi for my kids.  Sabet said he would fly one of our Sudanese workers with the shot child as her father was also shot in the leg and not able to travel and her mother was killed.  But I suddenly felt that Hargins was supposed to come with her instead.  She’s one of our medical clinic nurse aids, a Kenyan and can stay indefinitely with the child at Kijabe, unlike Albino who could  only come for a few days.  The plan, to bring out Hargins and send in Stacie to replace her and cover the compound while Sabet goes to Juba to file paperwork.  So with only 10 munites to spare, Sabet rearranged all the plans and Hargins came with the child.  After arranging this, I went off to interview 6 people for 2  positions in our medical clinic.  Dennis, our clinical officer, helped me but it took 5 hours!!  It’s so hard to choose when you know how difficult life is in Africa and everyone needs a job.  After that I went home and crashed out, just hit a wall!!  Stacie kept the kids entertained so I could take a nap.  Hargins and the child arrived in Nairobi late that evening and due to security, we chose to keep her for the night and take her the next day to Kijabe hospital.  Stacie is excited about going back to Sudan.

Sunday March 21st – This was a hard day.  Matoch seemed very sad for the first time, maybe because of seeing the other child that was shot, I’m not sure.  Jed was picked up by friends and taken to church, that could also be a reason. The child was admitted but no treatment was done today.  This process took all day!!  I stayed home with the kids while Gordon drove to Kijabe, after they were there all day, I was glad I didn’t go with the children.

Monday March 22nd – In my mad dash to evacuate 3 weeks ago, all I could think about was homeschool!!  Especially for Hannah as she is in grade 3 and it would be difficult to do catch up.  So I chucked as many homeschool books as I could in a box and didn’t do too bad!  We are missing only one book!!  So school, which will stop for one month over Easter, is not going too bad in the midst of what feels like chaos.   My quiet moments are found at 5am, where I can read my bible uninterrrupted and receive my Lord’s refreshment for my soul.  It’s been 3 weeks since we saw Sabet and I have to say I don’t like it!  I detest being without him especially in a city like Nairobi, where he makes me feel safe.  One blessing though about being in Kenya verses Sudan is the ‘Monday Movie Madness’ at the cinema’s here.  We get to watch a movie, eat a hotdog, popcorn and soda for just $7!!  We took Matoch with us, I’ve never seen anyone eat so fast, he couldn’t believe the food.  I think the movie bored him after about 10 minutes, maybe the language barrier or maybe he just can’t understand why hiwadger’s (white folk) find it so entertaining.  He just wants to be outside all the time.  It was still fun to take him.

Tuesday March 23rd – Today is Matoch’s final appointment and possibly day in Nairobi.  Off to Kijabe we went, stopping in the children’s ward to see Hargins and then off to find Matoch’s doctor.  After being directed to 3 different places within the hospital, we finally found the waiting room, with over 100 people in front of us.  Aaah…I only have a babysitter until 3pm.  The maintenance guy told me when Dr. Ntumba arrived and I walked up to him and asked him to see Matoch right away and he did!  What a blessing.  He took off some scabs and cleaned the wound but was pretty satisfied that Matoch could fly the next day.  Back to the kids ward and Hargins was very concerned that Nyangeu was not getting the attention she needs.  Her head was continuing to swell and now her arm also.  So  I called the sister who kindly advised us she was waiting for a catscan, which has to be done in Nairobi (an hour drive).  I convinced then to let me go with them and bring them back to speed up the process and they agreed, so off we went.  They returned that night but there is no neurosurgeon to read the scan, so we are now waiting as they send the scan to USA for reading.  We have a saying “T.I.A…This Is Africa”  and it sure is!!  So no news to date on her condition, accept the doctors said the swelling is normal for the type of injury she sustained.  Dennis, Stacie, Matoch and our new nurse/midwife Priscilla all slept over for preparation for the early morning departure to Sudan.  It feels very strange not to be going with them.

Wednesday March 24th – I was a little sad and relieved all at the same time to send Matoch home, we are going to miss him.  As you can see from the photo’s, Matoch and Jed became fast friends, Jed calls him his brother!!  The team left early up to Loki and connected to a MAF caravan full of medicine for the clinic.  I spent a quiet day catching up on paperwork and school.  At 2pm the plane arrived in Tonj.  Matoch was reunited with his family.  Sabet hopped  on the flight to be dropped in Juba to file our exemption papers.  The team arrived exactly at the same time another cattle raid happened, about 30 minute drive from Tonj in a remote village.  Again many were shot but one man was badly injured, shot 4 times, one of which was in the throat.  He was brought to our clinic for treatment and the team were thrown into full speed.  The man was taken to Wau but again the hospital was closed.  The lady from last week’s raid was still there waiting for treatment, she was shot in the arm and leg.  This is so sad to me to see people in such horrendous circumstances.  Oh, did I mention, I slept like a baby after several weeks of dealing with Matoch’s  night terrors!

Thursday March 25th – MAF sent their small plane to Tonj to collect the patients and take them to Juba hospital, but only the throat guy agreed to go.  His condition is serious and he needs to go to Nairobi or Khartoum, as the Juba facility said they can’t help him.  Please pray for him as we figure out what to do next.  This of course overshadowed what Sabet came to Juba to do.  So pray for favor on him also.  Everyone in Tonj is OK, and Sabet is coping with Juba, making connections.  Today, the power went off, and if you homeschool using DVD’s like  we do, that’s not good.  So I made the decision to start purchasing things for our BIG truck haul to Tonj.  First stop, bathroom stuff…toilets, sinks, shower heads etc.  While out and about, a call came from AIM, they can take cargo up to Loki for me if I have any, the catch, it has to be at the AIM hangar by 12 noon and it’s already 10am.  Mmmmm…I did just place a medical order, I wonder if I could get it and deliver it by that time?  This is what I love about what I do here.  The logisitcs, putting all the pieces together and making it work.  Yes, Gordon and I managed to get the meds, and delivered them at 12:10pm!!  I got back to the house and the power was still off!!  Now my computer had died and my phone so I was left no other option but to read, so I spent valuable time with my Lord until 6pm.  It was wonderful!

Friday March 26th – Yeah!  Sabet gets to fly to Nairobi tonight on a MAF shuttle from Juba, spend the weekend with us and return on Monday to complete his work.  We really need this time together, the kids and I miss him so much.  It’s been 4 weeks since we saw him.  I’ve arranged a surprise one-night getaway at Mount Kenya!!  Thank you Lord for bringing my hubby back to us.

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  1. Thank you Suzy for taking the time to update this blog. And thank you for posting pictures as well. It’s wonderful to be able to connect faces with the names. We are all praying for you, your family and the work you are doing there. Your e-mails and blogs are a great encouragement and a reminder of the world outside of our own American culture. So, again, thank you for taking the time to write down your experiences. God is using you to bless so many people.

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