Pray for Nyangeu!

This 3 yr old child was shot during a cattle raid last Thursday.  It has taken us 2 days to get her to Nairobi.  Her mother was killed and her father was also shot.  One of our medical staff, a Kenyan, arrived with her tonight in Nairobi and Suzy has arranged for them to go to Kijabe Missions Hospital in the morning.  She is so lost and afraid.  Please pray for Nyangeu to have peace and for wisdom for the surgeons and provision to treat this child.  Pray also for the many gunshot victims we were not able to fly out and get treatment.  Pray the hospital in Wau can help them.

4 thoughts on “Pray for Nyangeu!”

  1. makes me so so sad to see where this world is….:-(

    keeping her and everyone else in prayer…

  2. praying for situation with cattle raids — especially for Nyangeu and her father.

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