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Amy Handing Toys to Kids in Tonj

Cheebak from Tonj!  This is Ayan (Amy), and this is my story so far:

It has been amazing being back in Sudan for the second time in 8 months!  I never thought I would be here ONE time, let alone twice in a year, but here I am and I am enjoying seeing old friends (Sabet & Suzy) and newer, old friends from February!

I’ve been working in the pharmacy and I absolutely love it!  (Yes, Matt…I am a Sudanese drug runner!)  Peter, the pharmacist, has been such a great teacher, and he lets me fill all of the patient’s prescriptions (he checks them before they go to the patients, of course!).  I just might consider a career switch, and if I came to Sudan, I wouldn’t even have to go to pharmacy school… scary is that???  Either way, I am really enjoying the work and the people.

Today, a lady asked me to pray for her headache while Peter was explaining her medicine to her! God is showing me something very unique this time around about serving on a missions trip.  As a team, you may travel a long way to serve,  but the “work” doesn’t always look like you thought it might when you get there.  A lot of times we think of serving on a missions trip as “doing” some type of work all the time.  God is showing me that for the most part, ministry is just about being with the people that you are there to serve.  As a team, we have had a lot of opportunity to slow down and just fellowship with each other, with Sabet & Suzy and with all of the people that work in the compound and the clinic.  What a blessing it has been for me to get to know all of these people, spending time talking with them and finding out what God is doing in their lives!  This is ministry!  And while “working” in the pharmacy is ministry, it is actually the icing on the cake, as far as I am concerned!

Well, it is late at night (9:00 pm, I’m a working girl!), and the lizards and frogs in my room want me to turn the light out so we can get some sleep.  We pray all is well with everyone at home….we all miss you and can’t wait to share with you ALL that God is doing in and through us!

Bye for now….Amy