Athi River!

Thursday October 16th 2008

We drove 2 hours out of Nairobi to visit a friend who built a house from mud, similar to the old cob method in England or Adobe in America.  It was quite a trek as they were fixing the road and the dust was unbelievable, we could hardly see where we were going.  But it was worth the hair-raising drive, as we entered their property we saw wild giraffe eating the tree tops and gazelles bouncing along the road.  The kids were immediately excited and forgot about the horrendous journey to get there.

The house was absolutely gorgeous and gave us a lot of ideas for Sudan.  Like us, they don’t have running water, electricity or a phone.  And the design of their house was breathtaking.  We are having 3 guys coming out of Sudan to train and learn how to build using this method. 

We left there and went straight to the airport to pick up Jim (one of our board members) and 2 others coming to Kenya to teach at the Calvary Chapel East Africa pastors conference.  Jim will go into Sudan with Sabet on Monday.

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