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Mama Sabet

What can I say about Mama Sabet? She’s an amazing lady that brought an amazing man, my husband Sabet, into this world. She lived a hard life, gave birth to nine children, including one set of triplets, she buried four children, raised 14 grandchildren and was mother to our Agum for the first 5 years of her life. Her most important decision was asking Jesus to be her Savior and it’s because of that, we are confident we will spend eternity in heaven with her.


Due to the separation of North and South Sudan during the civil war, I only got to meet Mama Sabet in 2008 for the first time. Sabet and I had already been married for 8 years. She always told Sabet, if you marry make sure she’s a Dinka, and if she’s not a Dinka, make sure she’s South Sudanese and if not South Sudanese then African. So when he told her he was marrying me she was not so happy! But when we finally met face to face, we quickly bonded and her greatest gift to us was agreeing to let Agum join our family. It truly was a special time to spend the last few weeks of her life with her. During our last prayer night she heard Hannah praying for her and sat up and started praying! Sabet flew with us to Nairobi and the day before we left to return to USA , Hububba died. I’m so glad Hannah and I were able to be there for Sabet when he got the news. We did not want to share it until I had the chance to tell Agum and Jed.

Sabet has now returned to Tonj and will help arrange the memorial service. He will stay probably another 2 weeks and then travel to Florida.

Please pray for Sabet, Dominic (older brother in Australia), Angelina, Awomb and Maker (triplets in Tonj), Simon (Sabet’s uncle) Andria (Sabet’s dad), our children and Hububba’s 14 other grandchildren that lived with her: Sabet (14), Ater (13), Nichol (12), Aman (10), Gai (10), Deng (9), Abu (8), Katrina (8), Sarah (7), Anek (6), Nyakweng (4), Friday (4), Suzanne (2),  and Amoo (6mths). We will all miss her terribly.


It was truly humbling and really touched my heart to have five friends  from the Maloney community walk to Tonj just to greet me and Hannah. They heard we had come from USA and wanted to welcome us. They came bearing gifts of chickens!!




Hannah, Suzy, Emmanuel and Sabet
Hannah, Suzy, Emmanuel and Sabet

We are so proud of Emmanuel. He has worked with In Deed and Truth Ministries for more than 6 years as a community health worker. We were able to secure him a place in school in Kenya to train as a pharmacist. Please pray for him.

Timtok Village

Timtok is one of our CHE (Community Health Evangelism) centers. It is a village about 4 miles outside of Tonj town, and the closest CHE center to our compound. Our heart this year is to re-establish the 10 CHE centers we have already begun a work in, starting with a basic assessment of each village and asking the Holy Spirit to show us three villages that we should begin to focus on. Dr Jono is keen to pour into our CHE program and will oversee the training and facilitating of TOT (Training of Trainers) workshops. Suzy will connect our 10 CHE villages with churches committed to praying for those CHE programs.

Suzy and Rosa with the Timtok community