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Shopping for Sudan

Today was a national holiday in Kenya and I forgot that Kenya has so many public holidays in October…3!  So we worked anyway because we have so much to do to be ready to leave for Sudan.  Everything was closed though so we were limited on what we could do.  I decided that making a dent in the 6 month Sudan grocery list would be good and Nakumatt was open today.  We have to buy enough food to fill a 5 ton truck to go to Lokichoggio in Northern Kenya next Thursday that will then get flown into Tonj as we have flights and need it.  This 6 month shopping extravaganza is overwhelming and really takes some planning.

So armed with 4 carts and 2 Nakumatt employees helping, we made a start on the list today.  We knew it would be a chore, so we took the kids to a playground first to run off some energy before spending several hours shopping!  They’re favorite place to go…Java house for a yummy strawberry milkshake!

On our way home, with the car loaded up with shopping, we decided to check on a friend from the USA visiting another minstry here in Kenya.  We met Melody years ago at North Coast Calvary and soon after she moved to Florida.  Last year we got to meet her again when we drove around Fl and we even stayed one night in her house.  When we got to the guesthouse she was staying at, we totally surprised her!  That was fun!  The LORD though really impressed it on our hearts to stop and say Hi even though we were tired from shopping.  This is a good reminder to listen to the Holy Spirit prompting as we found her colleague very sick and were able to pray for him and run to the pharmacy to get some medicine. 

Tomorrow’s the prayer walk to raise money for our medical clinic in Sudan and we plan to get up early and walk and pray here.

1st Playdate today!

Hannah & Jed with friends

Well we are still struggling with no power and limited internet.  Amazing how slower paced life is here and how we seem to have more hours in the day!  Hannah had to start up again with home-school after taking a week off while we were traveling.  She did great and at lunchtime we took off for our first social gathering with missionary friends who serve in Kenya.  It was a baby shower at one of my favorite spots, Amani Ya Juu.  The kids played with old and new friends while us girls lunched and caught up.  I’ve missed this laid back pace.  We got home right before the crazy traffic started.  Sabet had to drive right through it though to buy us an internet modem that hopefully will work here in Kenya and Sudan!  Things have changed since I was here last and we are testing it tonight.  It’s frustratingly slow but at least I can send and receive emails!