I NEED A CUP OF WATER by Simon Kirui, CO

AcholThis is Achol Bak she comes from Tonj East, she was in coma for three straight days and having convulsions five times a day. It was very sad for me, because on the 2nd day of coma I found her mother and some other relatives crying outside the clinic.  Later her grandmother told me that she wanted me to allow them take the child for burial. Back in the village they have seen people going to that state and not coming back to life. I told her that by God all things are possible.  One of our clinic chaplains, Pastor Santino, continued to visit and encourage them.

Achol was seriously in need of prayer and our team prayed for her last week asking God to intervene. The day after we prayed I went for ward rounds and her mother told me that Achol  woke up at midnight and asked for a cup of water. We praise God for this breakthrough and testimony that He heals for the glory and honor of His name.

Since Thursday, Achol was able to sit while supported, then gradually improved and could sit by Santinoherself and now she is finally walking. Achol’s father is a soldier and had to leave three years ago. With no one to grow food in the home we decided to buy seeds for the family because this is the season for cultivation. Pastor Santino kindly delivered the seeds on our behalf. Please continue to pray for Achol. The family were eager to know our God who answers prayer!

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  1. I love this story! With Jesus she will never thirst again. I didn’t know Santino was a pastor. That is wonderful.

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