November 2020 Newsletter

Sopers in South Sudan!

Zac and Rebekah Soper are both nurses and served in the IDAT medical clinic for 5 months back in 2018. This was enough to stir their hearts and since going back to New Zealand they have been planning to rejoin our team as long-term missionaries. Delayed by Covid-19, they finally arrived for their first 2-year term in October. Please pray for their adjustment, health and safety.

Rebekah feeding a malnourished baby

Stephen also came back after being stuck in Kenya. He heads up our construction crew. Now he’s back we will start building our x-ray room, clinic laundry room and planning for the church building.

Stephen returns from Kenya

Now the team are back together, Suzy and the kids will head to Florida in December. Please pray for them as they navigate getting out of Juba, Covid testing, and all the travel restrictions that keep changing between countries. They are still in need of a vehicle to use stateside. If you can help with this need please contact the email below.

Reaching the Next Generation of Leaders Through Soccer!

The IDAT soccer tournament continues to bring hope, unity and the gospel to the youth of Tonj.

The IDAT Soccer Tournament draws large crowds of spectators to every game

Between matches our team of leaders and pastors are sharing updates and Christ to the community through radio.

IDAT Leaders Sharing on Don Bosco Radio

The IDAT ministry team attend every game and use the “What’s the Goal?” tract to share the gospel and pray with spectators.

Spectators reading their tracts.

Cover of the evangelistic track reading "What's the goal?"

“Whoever brings blessing will be enriched, and one who waters will himself be watered.” Proverbs 11:25

Testimony in the Villages!

We have three church plants, Ariamduar, Pawel & Palek, in Maloney region, which is about an hour drive from Tonj. The Maloney chief had been opposing our churches, protesting that the teaching went against their traditional beliefs of sacrifice to their gods. Several of our church pastors and leaders were arrested and church, as well as CHE, was forbidden. This was 10 years of ministry stopped by one man. Many husbands were also forbidding their wives to go to church because they refused to make alcohol and slaughter or cook animals sacrificed to the spirits. IDAT leaders and community elders were called to Maloney to try and resolve the issue.

IDAT’s Andrea Mangok Sharing with Elders

Pastor Muordek shared how God met Saul and transformed him into Paul, gave him a new heart and used him in a mighty way. The Holy Spirit was moving and touched that chief’s heart and softened the hearts of the village leaders. The chief repented, apologized and prayed with our team and gave full freedom to continue with church and CHE. Those arrested rejoiced at the opportunity to suffer for Jesus, and that this period of persecution greatly strengthened the Maloney churches!! Please continue to pray for that chief and for all our CHE villages and church plants.