July 2019 Newsletter

God’s Provision!

This year we were able to purchase our much-needed solar power for our clinic and ward. Thank you to everyone who gave a donation to that fundraiser. The Lord touched so many people to help and this extra power will allow us to use better equipment and save more lives. With such an elaborate set-up, Sabet went to Missouri to the Missionary Training Center of Ethnos 360 and completed his Solar Electric Technician course, which has equipped him to install and maintain this new system safely.

Sabet in Solar Training

The container carrying the new solar system arrived in South Sudan during our rainy season and is still on the road which has been washed out in several locations.

The washed-out roads of South Sudan

Please pray it arrives safely. Pray for Santino Kot, the IDAT staff escorting the container to Tonj.

CHE Committee Training!

It was an awesome blessing to bring the committees of the three new CHE villages, Maloney, Ariam Duar and Kunyuk together for a 2-day CHE committee training conference. Each community has selected 13 committee members who will oversee the program within their community. Training sessions included, importance of Wholistic health care, God’s vision of community, and various health and spiritual topics. Leaders from our established CHE programs in Guaria, Warrak and Bobi also came and shared testimonies of the huge impact CHE has had in their own villages, which was a great inspiration to the new trainees. We finished with a big feast of local delicacies and some loud passionate Dinka & Luo dancing!

New CHE Committee Members

Please pray that our final day of Committee training goes well later this month, and that the Holy Spirit will move powerfully to bring deep transformation to Maloney, Ariam Duar and Kunyuk. Pray for the Maloney church leaders Pastor Kharlo and elder Rebecca. They also oversee the new church plant in Ariam Duar. Pray also for Pastor Marko from Kunyuk. These pastors are part of our sponsorship program and still in need of support. To see their profiles, go to: https://pastors.indeedandtruth.org

Romans 12:2 says, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


This is Ajak. She had a miscarriage at around two months gestation and began to bleed huge clots in the middle of the night. Thank God we had our volunteer nurse from Australia, Alleytia, who is serving with us for 6 months and overseeing the ward patients. When Alleytia arrived Ajak was shivering, damp, restless and in shock. Destinee has O negative blood and we have been able to save a few lives using her for blood transfusions. Alleytia took a pint of Destinee’s O neg blood out and began to drip it into Ajak. She placed a couple of large IV lines and also gave plenty of IV fluids. She then changed her into dry, warm clothes and prayed. Ajak’s blood pressure slowly crept up as did her temperature. She began to breathe more easily, and the shivering subsided.

Ajak getting her transfusion

Our team shared God’s love with her and valued her as Jesus values her, showing love in Deed and Truth.

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  1. Continued prayer… God of mercy, power and might, established the work of your hands. God’s love, grace and peace be with you .
    In Jesus Name, Amen.

  2. So much to be thankful for and to continue in prayer for! I prayed through this newsletter while adding the requests to the agenda for our next Missions Prayer meeting… 🙂

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