March 2019 Newsletter

Babies in Need!

One of the highlights of what we do is witnessing Jesus’ healing power in the clinic. Seeing babies come in convulsing and then going home healed is amazing. Last year we saw 52,561 patients and 26,488 were children under the age of five. Many of these children needed oxygen and were admitted to our ward.

Baby Majak on Oxygen

This is Majak Deng. He is currently in our clinic on oxygen and was admitted 2 weeks ago. Since adding our new clinic and ward last year to our existing solar power grid, we have not been able to sustain the needs of children like Majak who need oxygen 24 hours a day. Especially during the months of July and August when we minister to double the patients we normally see. Last year we had to adapt the tubing so we could have four children on one oxygen concentrator at the same time and we constantly had to boost power using the generator. At $5 a gallon for diesel, this is not a sustainable solution.

Can you imagine having to make the difficult choice between babies and who gets oxygen and who doesn’t? All because we don’t generate enough power. This happened so many times last year and it was heartbreaking to tell mothers another child needs oxygen more than your child.


Thanks to a generous partner we were able to purchase a modified incubator that can operate on very little power. This is very exciting for our preemie babies.  It arrived just in time with Mission Aviation Fellowship! A few days later we admitted a tiny baby called Sabet born at 29 weeks and weighing only 1300g. Our volunteer nurse Katherine spent the night assembling the incubator and it has been a great help keeping the baby warm. We know this incubator will be a massive blessing to so many babies and their families. Once our power is sustained, we can add a second incubator.

Baby Sabet in the new incubator
Baby Sabet in the new incubator

Update on Solar Fundraiser!

We have a vision to see our clinic fully powered this year. Please pray with us for this need. God’s resources are abundant and we are attempting to build something that honors Him. To help us fully fund our Solar Power go to our website.
Update on Solar Fundraiser


We are inviting you to walk this road with us. One of the hardest parts about being a missionary is raising support but it’s out of obedience that we do it. These past few months we have been in USA support raising and working hard, trusting God as we make the ministry needs known. Thank you to so many that have embraced us and partnered with us.

Stand up, for it is your duty, and we will be with you. Be brave and act.” - Ezra 10:4
Ezra 10:4

If you are new to our ministry or have been following us for a while, we want you to be PART of our team and what God is doing in South Sudan. We want to invite you to participate in a Kingdom building ministry that is wrapped in the vision of honoring God and fulfilling the Great Commission. This is an investment in the Kingdom that brings a great return. When you partner with us in prayer and giving you are as valuable as any missionary that gets to go and do the physical work.

We are now back in Florida for the remainder of March and would love to connect with you if you are in the Panhandle area. Your prayers make a difference. Thank you for standing with us in this calling.

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  1. Hi Suzy,

    It’s great to get your newsletter and hear what the Lord is doing. I’m praying for you and the ministry. May the Lord provide exceedingly abundantly above all we can ask & imagine! How are you feeling post-accident?

    with much love and blessings,

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