April 2019 Newsletter

Kuj’s Stateside!

One of the first things we had to learn as missionaries is to be flexible! And this past month has tested us in this area as a family and ministry. We’ve changed flights and plans to allow us to be stateside a little longer to aide in recovery and deal with insurance following our recent road collision.

What started out as a spirit-filled, ministry road trip to visit supporting churches and partners in Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi, unexpectedly took a different path when another driver turned in an intersection without yielding, smashing straight into us!

Sabet and Suzy Post Car Wreck Car-Wreck

Even though it was so scary, especially for the children, we are thankful that we were not seriously injured, and neither were the passengers in the other car. It’s a miracle we all just walked away. We were taken to the hospital for precaution and Suzy, who absorbed most of the impact, was given a CAT scan, which showed no internal injury. In the hospital we both felt this was a spiritual battle and we should continue as planned, visiting partners and churches. Battered and bruised we rented a car and continued on the journey. The next day we received word our beloved pet dog of 9 years, Uchi, was sick in Tonj. Very quickly her condition deteriorated, and she died. We had already reached a point of desperation after the crash, the kind of desperation that says, STOP… PRAY!! And as we reached out through Instagram and Facebook, that’s exactly what many of you did. Stopped and prayed with us. The team effort to cover our family in corporate prayer throughout that week was so powerful and we are so thankful.

“I sought the Lord in my day of trouble.
My hands were continually lifted up
all night long.” Psalm 77:2

Sabet, Agum and Jed are now planning to travel back to Africa at the end of April. Suzy and Hannah will travel with a volunteer a few weeks after that.

Please pray as Suzy gets continued treatment and heals from her injuries and as we work through the insurance issues.

New Church Plant!

For the past 10 years we have been ministering in a village called Maloney, through medical clinic outreaches, which led to a church plant. We have chosen Maloney to be our 4th CHE (Community Health Evangelism) village. A couple of weeks ago Pastor Santino and Dr. Jono went to Maloney to encourage the church and visit with Pastor Kharlo. When they got there, they found another church visiting from a village called Ariam Duar, around 10km from Maloney. A month back Pastor Santino went and showed the Jesus film in Ariam Duar, and the village were very excited to learn about Jesus. At the end Santino preached, and 50 people accepted Christ. Since then they have been meeting each Sunday for church under a tree and have two young men that they have selected as church leaders for pastoral training.

Ps. Santino with the New Church

The people there are in extreme poverty, and there is zero development – the closest borehole is 10 km away in Maloney, so the people are drinking dirty water from a shallow well. When Santino and Jono visited there were around 80 people all worshipping God as they arrived, and it was such a beautiful sight! Next time Pastor Santino visits he will take them some solar audio bibles, so they can start bible study listening groups to learn more about Jesus.

Prayer Requests!

*Pray for our quick healing so we can get back to South Sudan.
*Pray for Molly Dittman. She will travel with Suzy and serve for 6 months as a homeschool teacher to the Macleod children.
*Pray for our pastors, we still have a few needing sponsorships.
*Pray for the new church plant in Ariam Duar.

4 thoughts on “April 2019 Newsletter”

  1. Sometimes it is more dangerous to live in civilisation than in the backlots of South Sudan or PNG. I am glad you are OK. I pray that the rest of your travels will be boringly uneventful.
    May the Lord bless you this Easter.

  2. Bless your hearts, Suzie & Sabet! So thankful there weren’t more serious injuries!

  3. We’re sorry we missed you while you were in San Diego. And we’re thankful that most of the Kuj family made it through a terrible accident without significant injuries. What a blessing from our Lord!! We’ll continue praying for the specific requests you have. To God be the glory!

  4. For the Lord Almighty father Care for the living, I thank him for he let you as kuj family to surviving that accident without bad injuries,and may he blessed all the painful parts of your bodies, and he will blessed all your ways of coming back home south sudan,,we miss you kuj family more then I can say

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