October 2016 Newsletter

We’re Going Home!

After more than two years we are so excited to announce Agum’s approval for permanent resident status! As soon as we have her passport we can leave for Africa. By faith, we have already purchased our tickets and fly on December 4th!! We bought our one way tickets to avoid losing the incredible missionary fare on Delta. This secures us lots of benefits including 3 free bags each plus 2 hand luggage. So we are now prioritizing our packing to fit into 25 pieces of luggage! Yes, we are all excited and YES, we are completely overwhelmed. There is so much to do before we can go!

Agum with her green card

We have been asked about the stability in South Sudan and we have to say that we can only take one day at a time. The country has been unpredictable many times in the 17 years we have served there. The deterioration of the country’s security is mostly in and around Juba but the consequence on the economy is felt throughout South Sudan. We are far from Juba but our family will have to land in Juba and that is where we might find ourselves caught up in a problem. The safest place for us is in His will and we are committed to the calling until He calls us to something new.

East Coast Road Trip!

Our summer was incredible. We packed in a lot of things we really felt we should do before leaving. One was making a visit of East Coast partners and strengthening those relationships. It was so wonderful to see old friends and meet new friends. We loved the beauty and history of Savannah, GA. Having our dear friends show us around the monuments and museums in Washington DC was a real treat. Spending time with people we love in Philadelphia and Danville, PA was fun, and an area of USA we’d never seen before.  When we reached Rochester, NY it was hard to believe we had traveled all the way North from Florida. It was great to relax there for a week with our friends and have an opportunity to connect with their church. Suzy was super excited to have her old roommate join us for the day at Niagara Falls, and what a magnificent and breathtaking sight. Finally we drove back to Florida, stopping in Wilkesboro, NC to visit our missionary friends from Africa.

Sabet sharing at Celebration Church, NC

Praise God for the opportunities to share what He is doing in South Sudan through In Deed and Truth and how those wanting to be involved can best partner with us and the needs.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the LORD, and he will repay him for his deed.” – Proverbs 19:17

Malaria Packs!

Many of you received our prayer request and responded to the need for malaria packs. Last month we saw over 3,000 pregnant mothers and children under age 5 in our clinic, mostly diagnosed with malaria.

Nyang and her son Deng

This is Nyang, who brought her son, Deng to the clinic but collapsed waiting in line due to complications of malaria. She wasn’t aware that she was also sick! She was admitted and following treatment and much prayer she was completely healed and went home on the 4th day. Rejoicing with Jesus that we can help more families like this thanks to your generous help. So far we have been able to purchase 1,000 malaria packs. Each pack costs $10 and consists of a mosquito net, medication and rapid test kit. Well done everyone!!!

4 thoughts on “October 2016 Newsletter”

  1. It is always a blessing to hear the good works of our KING!!! Congratulations on returning to s. Sudan… His Glory is beautiful and perfect..xoxo.????

  2. It is indeed exciting that you will be back to 211 soon! One of my Zambian friends serves in the Doro camp in May. What he told me about the situation there was quite moving. Stay blessed! We pray 4.
    Martin & Team (once meeting you in Juba at the Hageneiers)

  3. Such GREAT news!! We are so happy that you can go home – especially you Agum!! You guys waited so long – HIS timing, prayed and waited…… We are going to miss you so much though!
    Even though you are in Florida now, there has been some comfort knowing you were “close”…… Please, PLEASE keep us informed as to how we can pray for you, with you! Sure wish I was coming with you!! LOVE you all so much!!! Praying His protection for you, and His blessing on each of you!!!

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