Septemer 2014 Newsletter

Save the Date!

Our Prayer Walk is back!! Mark your calendars for Saturday November 1, 2014 from 10am – 2pm. If you are in Southern California, we invite you to join us at the Del Mar Surf Station for a time of fun and fellowship as we celebrate all the Lord has done over the past 2 years. We will walk along the beach and lift up prayers together for South Sudan, asking the Holy Spirit for wisdom, favor and provision. This is a fundraiser and we ask you to invite neighbors, family and friends to ‘sponsor’ your participation in the walk. This year we hope to raise $75,000 to start another 3 year discipleship school for 50 indigenous pastors. This class will begin in February 2015.

Pastor Simon at IDAT’s 2012 Graduation

In 2012 we graduated 13 pastors from our previous class. Pastor Judah is a full-time chaplain for In Deed and Truth’s medical clinic; Pastor Joseph is an evangelist showing the Jesus film on his bicycle and has planted 5 churches; Pastor Santino planted and pastors a church full-time in our outreach village of Maloney; Pastor David broadcasts Dinka messages on Christian radio. The remaining 9 pastors have churches all over Warrap state with as many as 500 people per church. We see the fruit of the seeds sown from this class and can’t wait to see how the Lord will work through this new class.

“That ye might walk worthy of the Lord unto all pleasing, being fruitful in every good work, and increasing in the knowledge of God.” – Colossians 1:10

We are in need of teachers and one year interns to help with this class – contact us.

The Macleod Family!

Missionaries Jono and Destinee Macleod are joining In Deed and Truth Ministries to serve as medical doctors. They are from New Zealand and have two young daughters, Zoe 2 ½ and Ellisha 7 months.

Macleod Family

They both graduated from Auckland medical school in 2008. Jono works mostly with pediatrics and Destinee mostly in obstetrics and gynecology.

Although they grew up in different parts of NZ, they both experienced the call to be medical missionaries at the age of 10. In 2012 they spent a year volunteering at Tenwek Mission Hospital in Kenya. During that year God broke their hearts for South Sudan. In Deed and Truth has partnered with Tenwek over the years so they visited us for a week and sensed the Spirit nudging them to join our team. Through much prayer and seeking the Lord’s will, their burden for South Sudan just grew stronger and stronger and a year after their visit they approached us about serving with In Deed and Truth.

Everyone is so excited they are coming and our only sadness is Suzy and the kids will not be ‘in country’ for their arrival. Having raised our children from babies in South Sudan we fully understand the challenges they face coming with their little ones. We ask you to pray for the protection of their health, especially from malaria. They arrive in Nairobi on September 13th and move to South Sudan on September 22nd.

Sabet is Leaving!

That’s right! At least one of our family can leave for Africa. Sabet will be sworn in as a US citizen on September 17th and fly to South Sudan on September 20th. He arrives in Nairobi Kenya late Sunday night and joins the charter to Tonj early the following morning.

This travel itinerary needs a lot of prayer. First he has to get his US passport within 2 days of being sworn in. We were told this is possible but not guaranteed. Then he must make all his connections in order to get to Nairobi before the charter leaves. There is not room for a dealy or missed flight!

We are so excited he will be able to travel with the Macleod family to make sure they are welcomed and have everything they need. This has been our greatest burden about being delayed in USA. Even though we have made our plans we understand the Lord is the one to direct our steps.

Prayer Requests!

  • Pray many would be generous with their time and money, come out for the prayer walk, and be an amazing witness in the community of Del Mar.
  • Pray for the Macleods as they adjust to the heat and challenges of South Sudan.
  • Pray for Dr. Tom as he returns from his summer break and rejoins the team in Tonj.
  • Pray for Dr. Jan’s re-entry process in the Netherlands. He was covering Tom this summer.
  • Pray for favor for Sabet’s travel plans.
  • Pray for one year interns and bible teachers to volunteer in 2015.
  • Continue to pray for Agum’s immigration process.