A Visit from the Coppedges

It was a joy to host the Coppedge family, missionaries from Arua, Uganda, for a new story telling training.  Billy has visited us many times but only came with his wife and 2 oldest children once, over 2 years ago.  Since then they have added twin girls to their family and it was our pleasure to have them all come for a short visit.  For them as a family to engage in ministry together was also special.

Our kids asked us for days leading up to the visit WHEN would they arrive!  We don’t get a lot of  ‘young’ visitors, so this was an all round special time for both families.  We really thank God for this family, for enduring despite the hard work to pack up four young children for a trip into the bush and for being willing to go wherever the Lord sends them.

Billy was a facilitator for the Simply The Story training through Mango Ministries and World Gospel Mission.