Field Update from Dr. Tom

Friday nite I subbed for a tired midwife. Delivered a baby the head went right into the bulging amniotic sack and I believe it made for a nice controlled delivery. everyone did fine. Saturday morning a real sick 3 month old came in Dennis our IV starting champion got an IV going and we gave fluids and meds to stop the convulsions.  We started antibiotics and anti malarial meds and prayed.  The child was sick for over one week with care by the village witch doctor and only when the infant was at death’s doorstep did it come to the clinic.  Another seizure and aspiration into the lungs ended hope of a recover.  I always say we need 12 hours to turn things around and we only got 6 hours. It is always sad but we can only do so much. During that time interval I pulled a tooth of a 15 y/o girl it was a tough pull because the crown of the tooth was very decayed and the roots were very strong. I have pulled about 40 teeth now.  Michael Stick the surgeon from Madison continues to be a great asset to us here. He cannot believe all the hernias here and he is enjoying doing the surgery thing even when I assist him. I am starting to understand this hernia thing.  – Tom