This is Yar!

“So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.”  Hebrews 13:6

Yar is a young girl of 10 years that came to our clinic back in November.  She had been hit by a bicycle and her arm was broken.  When it started to swell some relatives wanted to bring her to our medical clinic but others refused.  After some time the area became so painful they decised to cut open the wounded area and much pus came out.  She was then taken to a clinic, less equipped than ours and over 100 miles away.  While she was there the bone in her shoulder jutted through the open wound.  She was now left with a gapping hole and an exposed bone.  Eventually her father brought her to us.  How to help this child seemed very unlikely on our premises and we began to look for ways to take her outside of Sudan for possible surgery.  During this time of praying and finding a suitabe place, Yar continued to come to our clinic for dressing of the open wound.  During one of the dressing changes, Dr. Tom was removing the old dressing which had become a bit stubborn and stuck to the exposed bone.  When he pulled off the dressing the bone cleanly popped out of Yar’s arm.  It was completely removed, just like that.  Yar’s wound today has completely healed and both our doctor’s feel any further treatment for her is not necessary.  She has almost full movement of her arm and is in no pain at all.   As we had money for her surgery gifted by individuals, we have decided to pay for her school tuition, books and uniform instead.  She often comes and visits us on the compound and our kids love having friends over to play and especially when they have been our patients.  This is Yar having lunch with our family and pictured with Hannah.