Blog by Cody

God is changing my life so much. I’ve experience strength, weakness, and growth throughout this trip.

I’ve got my strength from construction and the outreaches. In construction Dennis, Thadd, and myself have been building brick from scratch, and its been really rough for me. Because when i am  doing this, I know that a days work can be done in a hour with two cement trucks. That’s Sudan for you though. For the outreaches, are team went to a leper colony and also the bongo tribe where they actually where they got the name bongo from. It put me to tears seeing what God is doing in the these tribes lives. They were all tears of joy, of how strong and how much they have strong in the Lord they are.

In my weakness I became very sick. I had a stomach sickness (possibly Travelers Diarrhea) of some sort.  I was weak in the fact that i could work or help at all. It made me think a lot about the way America is. I was just disgusted with the American dream, because of the way that it is only about yourself. Life has so much meaning than just caring about yourself.

The Growth has been praying and doing God’s work. I am growing stronger every day  with the knowledge of other peoples testimony’s and just reading the Bible.

In a way all the areas I talked about were all growth.

Prayer request:

That the team is physically healthy

That the Sudanese people are open to listen to the word of God

For the trip back to America is safe.

ps I miss you mom and pops and mal :)

love ,