My Bathroom!

I have lived in Tonj for over 10 years and this month I have been blessed with a ‘flushing’ toilet!! And a shower and a bath tub!! With 17 full-time people living in the compound, when we have teams, the kids and I sometimes can’t get into the shower. So we made the decision to convert the storeroom attached to our bedroom, into a bathroom. No more taking baths with our swimsuits on in the kiddie pool in the garden with everyone watching us. No more getting outside to the communul bathroom and then realizing you’ve forgotten your soap! No more traipsing to spend a penny in the middle of the night. It’s so wonderful, a real bathroom.

3 thoughts on “My Bathroom!”

  1. Is this bathroom really Africa? So different than we had in Liberia, a bucket with water, you filled and let it drip out on you. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU, YOU DESERVE IT. PTL

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