Medical Update by Margaret Bangura (nurse/midwife)

This past two weeks have been the most peaceful week in the clinic, after the large number of patients, some times 150, and we had only one clinical officer and two missionary doctors, one missionary nurse that was assisting in the clinic, one midwife and myself along with our Sudanese community health workers in training. It was really tiring, many emergencies and a high rate of severe malaria cases that needed immediate attention especially for the under five year old children. that will come into the clinic either convulsing or history of convulsion,trying to get an intravenous line to set up IV quinine was really a challenge on all of us,the reason being that some of them are not only having malaria but some even with anaemia and dehydration its really hard to get the veins.

We prayed about the large number and the emmergencies,and for strength and renewed energy everyday.The two missionary doctors left for America with the expert clinical officer going for his break and was releived by our in charge clinical officer.

God really saw the need for us to rest from the large number of patients so that we can give all our best with a small amount of patients that we take care of and prepare for the next day,the brain is a very protective organ and when it is very tired it does not function too well and will find a way to shut down to protect itself(hope am not boring you on anatomy and physiology).

The past two weeks we were having an average number of 60 patients, few emergencies,and to make it more blessful our two clinical officers are on duty,we thank God for this two peaceful weeks, I believe now we are ready for any number of patients that will get the opportunity to visit our clinic.

We pray that you continue praying for the malaria cases and for strength and knowledge on how to care for this great people of Tonj.