Blog from Mike and Amy Yordt

Chuabok from Tonj!

Mike and I have been gone for 17 days now and it feels like we have been here so much longer than that!  We are starting to get a hold of some of our daily “duties” and have to admit, it feels good to have some structure back in our lives! 

On most days, we rise at 7:00 and Mike gets the generator running (our source of power for the compound) and I go walking with Sabet, Suzy and Stacie (and whoever else is up!).  Then we come back for breakfast and devotions with all of the staff.  After devos we head to our respective jobs.  Mike is working on solving all the repair issues on the compound and I am doing the accounting and administrative things for the medical clinic.  So far I have taken lots of notes and am just trying to compile lists of things to complete.  Stacie and I both like to make lists…basically, so we can cross things off!

Lunch is around 1:00, and then I try to duck out for a nap in my room!  Afterwards, we have lots of time to finish our duties, email friends and family, shower and get ready for dinner.  We have had some delicious meals since we have been here!  Monday night is movie night and we have hot dogs, popcorn and cookies….YUM!

After dinner, we can watch movies, play cards or other games or just hang out.  Mike and I are the “old married couple” so we usually go back to our room and watch West Wing before going to bed around 9:00. 

It’s a simple life…….much simpler than we are used to.  I think we can get used to this……