Blog by Joshua Griffin

Today is my seventh day in Sudan.  I am so blessed to assimilate well into different surroundings and cultures because this is a far cry from New Mexico.  No doubt, all my previous travels were one way God was working to prepare me for this trip.  That is not to say living here is easy, it is just not as hard as it might have been otherwise.
The climate is entirely different from what I expect of the Sudan.  It is wet here.  Very wet.  It is actually so wet that the other day when Mike went to go pick up some charcoal he didn’t come back.  An hour long trip, starting at 10:00, turned into all day ordeal.  After they were unsuccessful at finding enough charcoal at the first place they continued on to another location but then Mike was instructed to cut across a flat covered in grass.  Bad idea.  Rain, flat sandy ground, tall grass blocking your view, a truck with bald tires and not 4WD; bad idea.  They got stuck.  Then Sabet and I went to go pull him out.  Then we got stuck.  Then we got both unstuck.  Then we got both stuck again.  Then finally we got the second truck unstuck.  And since I only took a half liter with my and Mike didn’t have any other water the whole day, we headed back home.  Sabet went back with some other guys to get the original truck unstuck again but never came back with it.  This is the second day since it got stuck and it just rained a lot in the past hour.  I don’t know when we will have an opportunity to get it unstuck but it is still sitting out there in the middle of an open plain with eight foot grass.  So, life here can be difficult.
I have also been studying Romans and preparing for when the pastors come back from break.  They will be back Monday and then we will have a full six week session!  I am so overcome at how God is stretching me.  I will teaching for three hours a day and five days a week.  That is a lot of preparation before hand in order to speak that much.  I really like asking questions because it gives me a chance to reorganize my thoughts, it engages the pastors, and it assures me that they are understanding the material.  I am definitely looking forward to next week when they get back but I am trying to get as far ahead as I can right now so I have a little bit of a buffer.
I, personally, am learning about grace still.  There is a balance between grace, works, and life that has taken me a lot of time to understand.  Anything I do as service to God should be an act of love, not an act of work.  That doesn’t mean it can’t be hard, but it shouldn’t be with the intention of paying God for anything.  Our works are an outward expression of an inward dwelling of the Spirit.  They aren’t a means to receive the inward change.  Anyway, I will post more on that later.
As for now, dinner is ready!  It is time to eat!
In Service,