Sunday School!

Sabet had a good turn out at church and we sung some of the songs we translated into Dinka.  Sister Mary from Aguka attended, she’s been in Juba translating the New Testament into Bongo for Wycliffe.  I did the Sunday School again, last week it was just my 2 kids + 1 young dinka girl of 8 years.  This week though we had 9 children and praise the Lord, one of them spoke small English and was able to translate.  I see this was the LORD’s divine plan as I shared a lesson on sin separating us from God.  I used material given to us by Child Evangelism Fellowship.  At the end of the lesson I gave an invitation to the children and all nine prayed for forgiveness of their sins and asked Jesus to be their Savior.  It was really a special time.

Our Last Week….

It’s quite hard to get on the internet everyday.  We really hope we can get a good satelite setup so we can have email access.  Sabet went to Wau again this week and the old vehicle is almost ready to bring back.  This will make life easier especially with construction.  We had a fruitful week with the women’s ministry and clinic.  We’re planning to put a chaplain over the medical clinic starting this week.  We’re looking forward to having Mike Yordt and Wayne Gordon visit next week.  We have many things lined up for them to do from construction, to our solar power needs, to men’s bible study and computer fixing!!  We’re excited to have the fellowship and encouragement.  We knew coming back in would have lots of difficulties and warfare but there was many things that happened that we didn’t foresee.  It’s been a hard first month back but we are blessed and certainly can’t complain.   

Another Snake!

Sabet’s family moved from Khartoum to be near us and live behind our house in Tonj.  His 5 year old niece came running out their house today saying she saw a long ‘frog’???  Upon investigation, Sabet found it was in fact a cobra!!  He bashed it’s head and then brought it for us to see…and it was big!! 

I enjoyed working with one of our young Pastors called Benjamin in translating worship songs into Dinka.  We did two today.

Tomorrow Sabet and Dabu will tow our old vehicle 70 miles to Wau to see if it can be repaired.

Clinic in War Amel

War AmelThis afternoon we had our first satellite clinic about 10 miles from Tonj in a remote village called War Amel.  We drove through long grass and narrow paths to get there.  At one point, Dabu our driver had to get out and check the road and move tree trunks!!  Praise the Lord for the new vehicle, we couldn’t get to these areas without it.


It was quite overwhelming to find hundreds of women and children waiting to see a doctor.  We quickly set up stations and started getting through them.  We saw over 200 and had to leave some unseen as it got dark.  I really felt a heavy burden for these people and wished we hadn’t been in such a hurry.  Sabet and I are praying we can make the clinics a platform for more spiritual things and ask for wisdom in that area.


Today we had about 25 people for our first church service in our compound since returning to Tonj.  Sabet did an excellent job teaching from the book of Ephesians.  A group from World Vision joined us and led us in worship with their keyboard.  We will attempt to translate a couple of songs into Dinka this week and learn them ready for next Sunday.  Beth should have arrived home by now…thanks for praying for her safe travel, we miss her!

News From The Field