WOW…..from Sheena in Sudan

 Okay so Matt is having us all take turns writing on the blog. We are supposed to share what happened today and anything God has been revealing to us. I don’t really know where to start but I guess the best way to start is by saying….WOW.
So far this trip has made a HUGE impact on me. I have been seeing and experiencing things I never thought were real. I just figured places where people lived like this was only on TV or in Ads when they want you to donate money to someone or something (you know “dramatically enhanced”)! My mornings have been spent in the Medical Clinic. And let me tell ya what….it is such a different experience than working medically in the states. Today A kid came in maybe about 8 years old. He was bashed in the head with a rock. The doctor (Jean Paul) and I had to suture the wound because the wound was so deep. Once we cleaned it all the way we could see the child’s skull. Now in the states this is not a fun experience but it can be over and done with within an hour with the child feeling little pain. Here, however, that is not the case. This child had to go through the cleaning and the suturing with very little pain relief (he basically felt it all). Then the real danger comes in with infection….the injury occurred the night before he came to us so the wound went untreated for many hours exposed to many different things. So now we are giving him daily injections of anti-biotics in hopes of him not getting an infection. This is just one of the stories I have about the differences in medical care. It is amazing to me the resilience these people show. God is doing so much in the clinic here….it is absolutely mind blowing. Each person that comes in, as we give them care we are praying for them.
Moving on to the afternoon. We put on Kids Games for the children in different villages. Today we ministered to about 237 Sudanese people and when we arrived we were welcomed in song which is always so special. They play hand-made instruments as they sing and harmonize praise to God in the most touching way. It was so amazing. I believe around 15 of them received God’s gift of salvation! There are four teams organized by color. Red, White, Green and Yellow. White Team won the nationally done Water Bucket Game with ¼ cup of water and the Green Team won the potato sac relay! It has been so amazing watching the kids and adults eyes light up when hearing the gospel!
We all have been working very hard on our Dinka language and the people here have been having fun teaching (mostly laughing) us. To share with you some of the things God has been showing me on this trip: that even when you can’t communicate with someone you can still show God’s love in such a mighty way and touch others, we take our “easy-access” to God’s word for granted, even when I am feeling most defeated (physically and emotionally) and can’t go on anymore – God always gives me the strength I need to keep going, that you can learn how to love God by watching others give their praise and worship in their way, and so many more things. It is hard to put into words all the things God has shown me and all that He is doing here. But know your continual prayers are working and we are so appreciative of them. Thanks you so much!
Goodnight from Sudan!