June 2020 Newsletter

Church Land!

Our church has reached almost 500 people in regular weekly attendance. For the past few years we outgrew the borrowed classroom and started meeting under a mango tree.

CC Tonj

Two years ago, we raised enough money to purchase the materials to build a church on land given to us at a reduced price by the government. This land is in the center of a highly populated residential area. Our only issue is not having a project manager to oversee the building site and construction crew. In March this year the UN filled the large craters on the land which saved us thousands of dollars.

UN road repair team helping fill holes

The land is almost 4 acres and despite the insecurities from tribal conflicts, our construction team started making the fence to stop people digging more holes to make bricks or farming the land.

IDAT construction team digging fence holes

They commenced this task last month, completing over 1,700 feet of fencing and hand digging and setting 225 poles in concrete.

The completed church fence

When our container arrives, hopefully this month, we will have a temporary events tent to put up so we can start to have church on the new land right away (as soon as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted)!!

Please pray for our container, it has church benches, Sunday school supplies, office furniture, food and other essentials. It arrived in port in April and should have taken 2 weeks to clear and arrive in Tonj but due to COVID-19 restrictions, which are expected to stay until the end of August, it has already been 2 months on the road and is currently in Uganda.

“Go up to the hills and bring wood and build the house, that I may take pleasure in it and that I may be glorified, says the Lord.”  Haggai 1:8


Struggles come and go and some of us are having more than our fair share at the moment. In the middle of the struggles it is vital to remember God’s promises to us. Our suffering shouldn’t surprise us as Christians. Everything we have faced in Tonj over the last year has strengthened us and caught the attention of those eagerly watching us. Our prayer is that through our suffering Christ would be made visible.

There is no greater joy than a brother or sister choosing Christ as their personal Savior. As a ministry we have built a good reputation in and around Tonj. We are known for excellent care, a ministry that puts Jesus Christ in the center of what we do, making HIM visible to those watching.

When Adut was bitten by a venomous snake the family walked 4 hours to our clinic after hearing about its good reputation. The child was treated and healed. The family of Adut was also healed spiritually. Our clinic is “a city on a hill” and we believe every patient that comes to us was led to us for the purpose of hearing the gospel message. Pastor Judah shared with Adut’s parents and they accepted their need for a Savior. Her dad was so happy when he left the clinic, so we gave him a solar powered audio bible as they have no church in their village. Please pray for them.

Ps. Judah instructing on using the solar bible

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  1. I was wondering about the church building project: would you except a volunteer? My husband is a journeyman carpenter. He has the time now to come and help, our only issue is expense. Could you please contact us to let us know how much funds we would need to come and how much time you would expect the project require. Blessings in Jesus,

    1. Wow. So exciting just what we need.
      We will be praying that the Lord raise up a team to build our church.

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