December 2019 Newsletter

Our Solar Team Are Here!

This last few months have been so stressful with the power going off constantly while babies depend on it for oxygen. Having to prioritize babies because of limited power and the huge monthly bills for running the generator. It was a welcome relief to finally have the solar team arrive and install the system we raised funds for at the beginning of the year.

7 volunteers standing in front of the solar panels they just installed.
Offgrid Solar Installation Team

The week before they arrived the generator also stopped working. Now everything has been fixed including the generator, power on our compound and power in the missionaries’ homes. NO MORE SHOCKS….YEAH!! And they serviced our vehicles.  We now have power 24/7 without outages and no generator needed. A massive thank you to this amazing team!

Offgrid Solar Installation Team hard at work.

The impact this solar is having on our clinic children is priceless. Every life is precious to our Lord and therefore precious to us. To be able to provide lifesaving equipment to our patients is so rewarding. Words cannot describe the relief we all have to not worry about the power failing when a child is on oxygen.

Baby on oxygen.

IDAT thanks every person that made a donation to this very needed project.

IDAT 2019 Soccer Tournament!

It was a great privilege to host the annual IDAT soccer tournament. After 4 weeks of games we had the final match with the Governor in attendance and an estimated 10,000 spectators!

Winning team holding trophy as dusk
Presenting the Winners with the IDAT Trophy

Hon. Governor Matthew Mattiang Magoodit and Suzy presented the winning team, Lienh-Tong, with the IDAT trophy.  The IDAT and CC Tonj pastors did a great job mingling and sharing the gospel with the crowd. We had an average of 50 new people at church each week.

1 Samuel 12:24 “But be sure to fear the LORD and serve him faithfully with all your heart; consider what great things he has done for you.”


A big thank you to Molly Dittmann who came for 6 months to help homeschool the Macleod children.

 Molly Dittmann teaching.

Thank you Paul Trotta for helping in the clinic and solar installation.Paul Trotta and friends

Thank you Danielle Gottfried for helping with the babies in the ward.

Danielle Gottfried holding baby

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  1. A pic of your family is on our wall here in Alaska and the Lord’s work that you are doing is in our prayers. We thank Our Lord for your being His Hands and Feet. May He bless you richly.

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