Celebration Day!

Saturday October 28th marked the “Grand Opening” of In Deed and Truth’s medical clinic called Noah’s Place. Our dedication service was attended by over 1,000 people, five board members and the State Minister of Health. This is an overview of our special day so you can join in with us as we thank the Lord for all He has done and the gift this clinic is to us and the people of Tonj.

We have three clinic chaplains, all who graduated from IDAT’s Pastoral Training in 2012. Pastor Joseph opened the ceremony with prayer.

Our church, Calvary Chapel Tonj, has a choir who opened the celebration with worship and praise to our Lord.

Suzy welcomed everyone in Dinka and gave a testimony of events that led to her and Sabet starting this medical work in Tonj and building the clinic.

Sabet introduced all departments working under In Deed and Truth Ministries, starting with:

The board of directors, Ted Miyake and his wife Carol, Jim Ennis and his wife Dena, Dr. Dave Pierce (absent Dawn Christmore and Kristin Schneider).

The Macleod family, Dr. Jono Macleod, Dr. Destinee Macleod, Zoe, Ellisha and Shiloh.

All the Medical staff, doctors, clinical officers, midwives, nurses, and community health workers.The construction team that completed the building.Volunteers Travis (construction) and Amy (medical).Albino Dut our compound manager.Andrea Mangok (Administration and Finance)
IDAT Pastors, Joseph, Judah and Santino.

Angelina, Adel and Mary our Kitchen Assistants.

He also acknowledged our security and support staff. Lastly, we welcomed home our four medical students:

Gabriel Wol, Peter Malook, Joseph Maker,  and Marco Maluth, who graduated on October 21st in Kenya and were flown home especially to celebrate with us. We also acknowledged Gabriel Gojoh (center), our senior Clinical Officer, who graduated last December and completed his internship and now serves us full-time in the clinic.

Gabriel Gojoh

We were blessed to have several of our church plants in Warrak, Kurnyuk and Maloney attend. The Sunday school children of CC Kurnyuk danced for the crowd.

They made a welcome sign for our Board of Directors.

The Chief of Maloney Village,  Manut Baak, where we’ve served with medical outreaches over the past 8 years and planted a church,  came especially to congratulate us. 

Three patients whose lives were transformed by the clinic attended and shared their story as a testimony of the importance of the clinic to the community and God working through it to change lives.

Donato Ngong was helped when he was 12 years old in 2008. He was attacked with a machete and left for dead. His story is on this blog, check under Donato.

Mayan is the chief of Lingir village. He gave his life to Christ after his daughter, Abeyei spent several weeks with us. He banished witchcraft in his village!

Manyoldit is the father of Abuk. She had tetanus and they took her to several witchdoctors, spear masters and other clinics before bringing her to IDAT.  She was lifeless and in a coma but the Lord completely healed her.

CC Tonj Sunday school danced for us.

Pastor Jim Ennis, CFO for IDAT, spoke on behalf of our board members.

The women’s union sang for us.

And our CHE village of Bobi danced.

Board member Ted Miyake led the dedication prayer and invited church leaders to lay hands on the building as he prayed.

We all sang the National Anthem together.

The Honorable State Minister of Health, Lual Longar gave a closing speech.

There was only one thing left to do. Pastor Ruben from CC Warrak honored Suzy, Dena and Carol with a special crowning and more dancing!

Sabet did the honors!

We are most grateful to our Lord Jesus for the amazing way He has carried us and provided for this clinic. He has done above and beyond what we asked or thought possible. Thank you for supporting this clinic and for supporting us and the people of Tonj.

Sabet and Suzy Kuj

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  1. Suzy, I am just so proud of you. I love seeing how God is using you in the Sudan. What an incredible blessing you are to those people. Our love to Sabet into the children. God bless you, Judy and Joel

    1. Thank you Judy and Joel for your faithful prayers and support over the years. We couldn’t do this without our partners in the Great Commission.

      We love you.
      Sabet and Suzy

  2. Awesome pictures. They brought tears to my eyes., as I reminisced through the years we were privileged to be there in Tonj working with you both, the team and the pastors. We miss you all so very much and think of you often and pray for you and the awesome ministry you are doing there.
    We love you!
    Joe and Nancy

    1. Dear Joe and Nancy,
      You are loved and dearly missed here in Tonj. Thank you for all you did for the Kingdom here in Tonj. Your investment into South Sudan has eternal rewards. Always in our hearts and prayers.
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  3. Guys; love the new gear! Thank you for the pictures. You all look great. I forgot to tell you (which I’m sure you know) that we printed extra regular T-shirts to go with the Ringer Tees. They were a gift. Praying for the ministry. God bless and love you all!

    1. Jeff you did an amazing job getting our team looking sharp for the Opening! Thank you for the freebies!! I’m so glad you get to see how5 the Lord is using Solid Rock Designs halfway round the world. Love to you and Tracy.
      Sabet and Suzy

  4. Wow! What an amazing day of celebration and tribute to all that God has done through IDAT in Tonj. Praise be to God! Thank you so much for the pictures. I almost felt like I was there. Loved the special crowning hats! Adorable.

    1. Bonnie and Dan. Thank you for being a second family to us in CA. I wish you could have been here too. You are as much a part of this as us… faithful prayers, support, encouragement, love! We miss you!
      Sabet, Suzy, Hannah, Agum and Jed

  5. Praise to our God for all the wonderful things happening there . . . For His protection and His grace as you build His Kingdom and as you provide for and care for His people.
    May His blessings continue.

    1. Thank you Elaine for your faithful prayers, support and encouragement. The Lord has given us an amazing army of prayer warriors. We are so thankful for you.
      Sabet and Suzy

  6. Sabet and Suzy, I really enjoyed seeing these pictures. God has brought you a long way. What a blessing to see God’s work flourishing. It reminded me of or trip to Sudan. It seems so long ago.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Paul

    1. Pastor Paul and Kathie,
      It has been 15 years since we all ministered together in South Sudan. Thank you for taking us and IDAT into your hearts and walking alongside everyday since then. We are blessed by you.
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  7. What a great day celebrating our God and what He is doing through you in South Sudan!! Albino looks great! Not at all different from when I was there.
    We are very excited for updates and will be there for prayer requests and PRAISE reports!! Keep up the great work!! Hugs and kisses to you all!!
    Kathie and mike
    Ps-LOVE the headdresses on you 3 gals!!

    1. Hey girl. Your headdress is here waiting for you! Come and get it!! Thank you guys for your friendship, love and support. You and Mike have always gone the extra mile for us. Special people. We are privileged to call you our friends. Miss you and love you tons.
      Sabet and Suzy

  8. What a time of rejoicing in what the Lord has done! His name is great, and He is being praised! Thanking God for the willingness of all of you who are participating in blessing the people of South Sudan with medical/healthcare, skills training, safe drinking water, building construction, yummy food, God’s word, and the life-changing and eternity-changing good news of Jesus the Christ. So many lift up God’s name in praise and prayer for His work there.
    May the Lord greatly multiply the number of His faithful followers, in Tonj area, in Africa, and in every dialect used in the world.

    1. Thank you Laura for your encouragement. It is humbling to see how the Lord has used so many people to accomplish his work here in Tonj. You have been a BIG part of that work. So thank you for investing in Kingdom work!
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  9. What a glorious day! It is remarkable and awe-inspiring to see how God has advanced his kingdom through your ministry in Tonj. I am overwhelmed with joy in seeing the events of that day. May Jesus continue to use you to advance his loving rule in this world!

    1. Hi Pastor Rob and Robbie,
      The day was amazing! Thank you for praying. We loved watching your greeting video. Missing Eastgate and our friends there but loving being home in SS. Thank you for all your support of our family and IDAT. Can’t wait for your next trip to SS, clinic needs some cool art!! And the church has grown it’s very exciting. Praising Jesus for bringing such wonderful partners alongside us in this ministry. Thank you.
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  10. Dear Suzy and Sabet, I am so proud of you. Our God is so awesome. This blessing has come about because of your obedience to Gods call on your lives. I pray for your protection as God continues to pour out His blessings on your ministry. Love from Sandra.

    1. Thank you Sandra. It has been a long and hard road but it has been worth it. Would love you to come now and see all the amazing things. You were here at the very beginning of our medical mission and I know you will appreciate how much has been accomplished in the midst of unrest and challenging location. You have been an amazing prayer warrior from day one, thank you. Love you,
      Sabet and Suzy

  11. Wow Sabet and Suzy! What great things God has done!! Loved the pics and all the smiles! My love and congrats to you all and hugs from Florida!!

    1. Darling Theresa! One day I pray you will come and see all the Lord has done here. I miss you my Florida friend and sister! Thank you for good times while we were stateside. Sending hugs right back to you.

      Love Suzy

  12. Praise the Lord. What a wonderful testimony to His glory and His passion for His people. Hard work by the team but such a satisfying and encouraging report – His Word will go far from here!!

    1. Thank you Penny for your words of encouragement and prayers. We are excited to witness first hand what the Lord will do through this clinic.
      Sabet and Suzy

  13. Sabet and Suzy, We are Bill & Ann Peckham of Eagles Wings Children’s Village in southern Uganda. We were with you both in Nairobi some few years ago and have since enjoyed reading your newsletters and praying for you and your amazing work.
    It is so nice to hear how things have progressed for you. We can only see God’s work in your lives and ministry. May God continue to bless you all. If you are ever in Uganda, we have a guest room for you. Would love to have you visit.

    1. Bill and Ann, We remember you well. We will definitely look you up next time we’re in Uganda! Sabet might be driving our vehicle out in February and passing your way, so thank you for the invite. We pray all is well with the children’s home and that the Lord continues to use you and strengthen you. Gal. 6:9
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  14. Wow! What a celebration…God has used you mightily and has brought so many along side you…we are so blessed to be a small part of your ministry! God bless you all.
    Paul and Kathy Wood (and)
    Calvary Chapel East Hills

    1. Oh Kathy… We sent Paul a note but we also thank the Lord for the ministry of CC East Hills. Please greet our dear friends for us and thank them for their prayers and support. We are blessed to be in this Kingdom work together with you guys.
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  15. My heart sings with you in this joyous celebration!! Blessings to all and thankful for His provision!

    1. It was fabulous!! Let me know when you’re coming back and I’ll get that ticket booked!! Love to you and your family. Thank you for all the support and prayers.
      Sabet and Suzy

  16. Wow! Just wow! Everything is so different from the last time we were there! It’s great to see how God is working through your faithfulness.
    Love, hugs and prayers,

    1. Thanks Laura. Now we just need our dear friends to come and see all the Lord is doing!! So much has changed…you’ll be blown away! The Lord is good. We miss you guys.
      Love Sabet and Suzy

  17. Thank you for posting pix of this celebrated day! Terry and I prayed this day would be cause for many to witness and hear of God’s love for the people of South Sudan! God bless you, your family and the many staff and volunteers who serve the people in the surrounding area. May your sacrifices, commitment, dedication and love produce tremendous fruit through this healing ministry! Hugs and kisses to you!

  18. Congratulations on the opening of Noah’s Place theLord has truly blessed you being so steadfast in your service to Him and to all that have taken part in this endeavor. It is so exciting to have seen those pictures and the love for the Lord on their faces, I can only imagine the blessings that are going to come and the souls to be saved. Thank you for all that you have done for others!

  19. Such a blessing. Years of work, delays, washed out roads, faithful laborers in deed and truth. Thank you Jesus for all you have done. Thank you IDAT supporters!

  20. Tears of joy as I look at these beautiful pictures and see the Spirit shining through His servants, may the Lord continue to bless you and your Ministry..Truly in awe at all He has done.. God Bless you Saints

  21. So grateful to see what God has done in Tonj through the IDAT team under Suzy& Sabet and including their family. Praise be to God that the new clinic building is finally open and operational. I am sure that it will go a long way in helping the community to access a better heath care and also be a platform to reach out with the gospel as it has been the norm over there. Keeping you in prayers. Many blessings

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