June 2017 Newsletter

Bobi Village!

Bobi is one of our CHE villages about one hour drive from Tonj and in a very remote and rural area. It was the victim of recent tribal clashes between Dinka and Luo. Several homes were burnt leaving a handful of families without food and supplies. As part of our outreach program we have committed to helping these families get back on their feet.

Sabet praying for a Bobi family that received our help during the recent distribution of food and mattresses

With the rainy season setting in, rebuilding mud huts is quite tricky. We have begun rebuilding homes for three families in Bobi using ready made mud bricks transported from Tonj. We also had a carpenter in Tonj make doors and windows. These families didn’t own much but everything they had was lost. On our next visit we’ll distribute a load of donated clothing and shoes.

This home was burnt and all food was lost in the recent clashes

Please pray for Monica. Her husband was killed in the recent clashes leaving her a widow with three children.

Monica and her children receive food from IDAT

Cholera Outbreak!

A suspected Cholera outbreak in Tonj East has been confirmed. Tonj East County is about 75 miles north east from where we are in Tonj town.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) asked us to help with this crisis. We sent our driver Deng Malok with the IDAT ambulance full of medical supplies which were very much needed and very quickly ran out.

IDAT Ambulance used for Cholera Outbreak in Tonj East

We also transported 175 suspected cholera patients from remote villages and cattle camps to a designated hospital center in Marial Lou for further screening. Some of these patients died. In just two weeks more than 80 people have died with more than 250 cases are reported. Please pray the MoH can contain this outbreak before it spreads to other areas. Tonj is on high alert.

“The name of the Lord is a strong tower: the righteous runneth into it, and is safe.” – Proverbs 18:10

Update on Sponsor Kids!

Last year we found sponsors for the 14 children we support that Mama Sabet was caring for before she died. This year we have managed to build four tukuls (mud huts) for these 14 kids and three adults who were sleeping in just three small rooms.

Four new tukuls for Mama’s Kids

The kids, aged between 18 months and 15 years, will be grouped by gender and age. The younger kids will sleep in pairs with an adult and the older children will share three to a tukul. Our next project is to put in solar powered lights. At night it’s very dangerous not to be able to see scorpions or snakes. Also the older children can do their homework at home instead of staying after school to complete it. There is a borehole for water and once we have electricity we will work on getting a raised water tank and running water pipes into the home to save carrying water and using buckets.

Prayer Request

Please pray for the Macleod family as they return from New Zealand after the birth of their daughter Shiloh. Pray for Amy and Travis who are joining our team for a few months as volunteers. Pray for our health as we enter into the malaria season.