January 2017 Newsletter

A Solid Start to 2017!

It is so wonderful to all be together as a team. Our Christmas was amazing and there has been many celebrations since coming home. If you are not getting our online prayer requests and updates please fill out this form to be added to the list. We are attempting to post Instagram pics daily, you can find us @idatsudan.

Kuj Family

A HUGE thank you for your generous support of In Deed and Truth Ministries and our family in 2016. We are ready for what the Lord brings in 2017 and we stand together with you to pass on the HOPE we have through Jesus Christ. The Bible says:

“Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord” – Jeremiah 17:72

Please pray for us to be used effectively. As we start a New Year we want to not only start strong but finish strong. The daily spiritual warfare waged against us is real. The enemy is relentless in trying to discourage us and bring us down. Jesus offers us solid hope so our confidence is found in Him, and nothing we face this coming year will change that. As we serve this community and enter remote villages, taking the Word of God and our friend Jesus to our brothers and sister here, we pray they will find faith, have their lives transformed and be filled with hope. Will you join us and help us through a commitment to pray for us and IDAT every day?

Off The Charts!

We are so proud of the hard work and dedication our team pours out and this last year was no exception. We saw an incredible 39,429 patients in 2016 and every one of them heard the gospel!! More than half were children under the age of five years. Most of our patients come from the surrounding villages, walking very far and without any money. These areas are on our radar for starting CHE and planting churches. It is amazing to me how the Lord has taken such a small, rural clinic with minimal staff and resources and touched so many lives. On an incredibly low budget of just $200,000 a year, our impact and reputation in the community is matchless. We fund the cost of flying in our own medications and professional staff from Kenya. Our goal is to bring hope as well as healing and we do this without charge in Jesus’ name. For only $5, you can help us provide one patient both hope and healing in 2017.


This is Adhel, she was miraculously healed in 2015 as a newborn. This miracle led to her grandmother and mother both getting baptized. They recently came back to visit us! It is a great joy and privilege to be part of this work. It also has challenges as we are understaffed and funding commitments are only 52% of our budget. Could you pray about pledging a monthly amount to help us meet this need?


Our first medical missionary recently graduated from medical school in Kenya and returned to Tonj to start his one year internship with In Deed and Truth Ministries.


Gabriel Gojoh finished high school with no hope of a job and no chance for further education. He began working in our clinic seven years ago as a CHW (community health worker). He had no experience but we trained him medically and began to disciple him in God’s Word. He had never trusted Jesus Christ and saw life as hopeless. That soon changed and he began following Jesus, attending and serving in church. Over the next 4 years we saw his life transform. He became our #1 CHW and truly loves Jesus. When a grant opportunity arose for us to send a CHW to the Presbyterian University of East Africa to study Clinical Medicine, Surgery and Community Health, Gabriel was our first choice. It was challenging to get a Kenyan school to except his South Sudan high school diploma but perseverance and prayer paid off. Today he is qualified and ready to serve. If you feel led to support Gabriel monthly or with a special gift, please go to visit our website’s donation page and designate your gift for Gabriel.