Small Blessings!

Suzy swim kids

The arrival of the container from California has really changed the way we can live here in South Sudan. It’s just lots of small blessings but they make a huge impact on the way we serve and are refreshed. The greatest blessing was unpacking the swimming pool and filling it with cool water. Everyday, when the temperatures soar to over 100F, we can have a quick dip, wake ourselves up and we can thank God for the swimming pool. Last weekend we invited Mama Sabet’s kids to come to the compound and swim with us. It was crazy and amazing, and the best fun we’ve had in a long time!


One thought on “Small Blessings!”

  1. That is SO COOL !!! (Literally huh)

    Thanks for sharing this picture in particular….. Prior news about the container, i.e. Items missing and/or damaged left us feeling terrible !!
    The smile on your face Suzy is great !!
    We love you all!!
    Kathie and Mike

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