Pray for Chol

We are so thankful to God for our pastors. Everyday they meet and pray with our patients and tell us of special cases and needs to pray for. Here is a case that really touched our hearts.  Please pray for Yar chol and her son Chol.

Yar Achol and baby Chol

This is her second child, and she brought him to our clinic because he has a swollen head. Before she came to us she had taken him to over 15 witch-doctors who had taken all her money (cattle) and there was no change. So desperate she decided to walk to Tonj and try our clinic. It’s awesome to be able to share with her that God planned for her to come to us so HE could help her. We suspect Chol of having hydrocephelus, also known as water on the brain. As you can see the child ‘s head  in the picture is quite large. Yar Chol has already lost her first child and has a lot of fear about losing this child. Last year we referred two similar cases to Kenya for surgery and sadly both children died. The cost and logistics of that has made us reluctant to proceed in that direction again. We shared the gospel with her and told her Jesus can heal Chol but more importantly his mother can experience great peace and hope in the midst of this difficult situation. Please join us in praying for this mother and her son.