November 2015 Newsletter

Our vision here at In Deed and Truth Ministries is to transform ordinary South Sudanese communities into fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. Our ministry provides a platform for those who feel called to help us reach that vision, not part-time but fully invested in this Kingdom work, to go all the way with us. As Jesus commanded:

Matthew 28:19 – “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

As fully involved believers that are committed to Jesus and earnestly live for Him your “GO” may be committing to pray, volunteer or financially partner with our ministry so we can “MAKE DISCIPLES” in South Sudan together. And as most of us find as believers, this is often hard to actually put into practice. We get frustrated or overwhelmed by the size of the task and often live with a sense of defeat, “Will my effort make the slightest difference?” The answer is YES!! Allow the power of Jesus to use you and include you in His greater plan to impact and transform lives thousands of miles away. He calls us, He equips us and He goes with us. He has sent us His Helper, the Holy Spirit, to direct our lives and empower us.

Philippians 4:13 – “I can do all this through Him who gives me strength.”

Please pray for our ministry, we currently have 46% of our monthly needs met by fully invested financial partners. If the Spirit of God is leading you to financially partner with us in making disciples and to get involved, now is the time. As the Spirit has filled us and directed us to make known this need, please pray if this is an area the Lord is directing you to be involved in.

Testimonies from the Clinic!

One of the ways God is using us to reach His precious people in South Sudan is through our medical assistance. Most people living in South Sudan live in extreme poverty as it is still one of the poorest countries in the world. After gaining independence after years of civil war with the North, basic needs are still not met. We serve a community that extends to regions further than our immediate town and reach over 100,000 people. Our goal is to exit our ministry one day and leave it self-sustainable in the hands of God fearing South Sudanese people. We have started this process by first ‘making disciples’ and then giving those faithful ones an opportunity to be used by the Lord to serve their own community, five of which today are in medical school and 13 are pastors, have planted 7 churches and minister all over North, East and South Tonj county.

Bor Madut making a recovery

Meet Bor, he is 6 months old and arrived in our clinic with a massive neck abscess. His parents brought him with the complaint of neck swelling for the last five days. He was having trouble breastfeeding, suffered high fever, kept vomiting and was crying all the time. His parents walked a day and a half to bring him to our clinic from the remote village where they lived. After incision and drainage of more than ½ pint of pus we were able to admit him and monitor his recovery. After prayer, antibiotics, cleaning and dressing, Bor made a full recovery.

It still excites us to see what the Lord is doing in Tonj every day. We’re so grateful to God for making us to be a part of it and to partner us with those who want to make a difference in this world. What a blessing to witness the work of the pastor’s at the clinic sharing the gospel and praying patients like Bor and his parents. The pastors have a table well situated and once patients get their prescription and medicine, they join the pastors on their table for prayer.

Pastors Santino and Judah offering prayer and counsel to patients

Here the pastors are able to have a one on one chat with the patient, getting to know of their spiritual well-being and whether they attend any church. The greatest joy is that these patients aren’t forced to go for prayer, they go there willingly. They are able to share their prayer requests, whether it be personal prayer, prayer for their husbands or wives, prayer for the peace of the region. They leave the clinic knowing clearly that it is the Lord who heals and provides the medicines, and life won’t be well unless we care for the ‘whole’ being which includes our spiritual health and the truth about our eternal salvation. It is not about loving in word or in tongue but in DEED and in TRUTH!