May 2014 Newsletter

South Sudan Crisis!

The escalating violence across many states in South Sudan has created a lot of challenges for our team. We are praying fervently for a way to get life saving medical supplies into the field.

Our medical clinic is in great demand and has almost completely run out of drugs. We are so grateful we have been able to stay open this long when other medical facilities have closed. We are assessing the best way to support the team on the ground in Tonj as Sabet is working through the night to secure shipments and clear papers. It is exhausting both mentally and physically and we ask you to join us in praying for a miracle. The red tape has brought a marked increase in cost as we now face paying $12,000 to purchase and deliver one ton of medical supplies from Kenya to South Sudan.

For only $12 you can provide one kg of life saving drugs, which is about 50 doses of malaria medicine, purchased, cleared and flown directly to Tonj, South Sudan.

If you can help with this urgent need please go to our website and donate to the medical clinic.

Kuj Family’s Furlough Update!

Our time on the road was so blessed with many stops and visits to old and new friends and family. We drove from California to Florida up to North Carolina and back to California in 7 weeks, doing over 7,000 miles. Thank you to everyone who provided a bed and meals for us during that time we are so humbled by the love, care and blessings poured out on our family. Our goal was to get back to CA in time for Horizon Prep’s Spirit Run Fundraiser where our kids were participating in raising money for the medical clinic in South Sudan.

Spirit Run
Kuj Kids at Spirit Run

It was an incredible blessing to attend the Good Friday and Easter Services at Horizon, our sending church family. Sabet was honored to open for Easter service in prayer.

Kujs with Pastor Bob at Easter Service

“The LORD is good, a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in him.”
– Nahum 1:7

Tonj Update!

Despite the lack of medical supplies and increase security risk, our team is doing well on the ground in Tonj. They continue to see patients in the clinic, praying for them and trusting the healing power of the Lord Jesus is being manifested in amazing ways. All the glory goes to Him.

Pastor Kibe had a wonderful time teaching Bible stories (STS Training) to the church in the village of Kulu. It’s encouraging to see God‘s people owning the tool of STS and digging into the stories with such great hunger. The blessing for the IDAT team is seeing the Gospel message through God’s Word spread in the most remote of villages. The leaders of Kulu work with us in CHE, this village has seen not just how to memorize Bible stories, but how to contextualize it to their lives in the village and be transformed, starting with their mind and then their attitude and hearts. The beautiful thing is this transformation is starting with moms right in their homes knowing God’s Word in the simple form of stories.

Prayer Requests!

  • Pray for the container we are trying to fill and send to South Sudan from the US.
  • Continue to pray for easy logistic for meds and supply to Tonj from Kenya and Juba.
  • Pray for our team in Tonj, Dr. Tom, Kibe and the rest of the team that they will be strengthen and encouraged.
  • Pray for our second road trip to northern California visiting with churches and friends.

4 thoughts on “May 2014 Newsletter”

  1. Missing you my friends and keeping you in prayer. God speed and much love!

  2. So blessed to have had a little more time with your family this trip back to the States….please know we’re praying for you and your ministry! thanks for the great Newsletters each month…they help us to stay connected! Will be praying for a safe trip home [that’s coming soon!!], and for safety once you reach Sudan! Love, Nancy/Jerry

  3. I am praying for peace for the region and safety for all God’s people there. May His Word spread like wildfire! May God multiply the medical supplies like He gave the oil and flour for Elijah. Praise for your long US tour all together as a family!

  4. Your ministry has kept me up at night praying and asking God how he can use me in some way for his purpose, Would love to try and raise money here in the States for the 18 wheeler Truck needed to deliver medical supplies ,do you know approx how much they cost out there? If possible could you let me know? Thank you so much for your wonderful work you do for our Lord and Savior,and all the lives that are being transformed and healed by the power of the Holy Spirit.. In Christ alone I boast…..Steph J…Feed My Fock Ministry, Cornerstone Church Littlerock, Ca

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