January 2014 Newsletter

Conflict in South Sudan!

It has now been more than a month since fighting broke out against rival tribes in the capital of South Sudan. What started in the army barracks quickly spilled onto the streets, creating fear, panic and confusion among civilians. UN, embassies and NGOs all reacted pulling their expat staff from field operations and asking non essential personnel to leave immediately.

Having lived and served in Warrap State of South Sudan for 6 years during the last civil war, we are all too familiar with the aftermath this kind of conflict has on the innocent people who want nothing more than a peaceful existence. They have paid the high price of war with the lives of their loved ones and children. This past 8 years of peace has given some stability and we have seen an increase in missionaries moving into South Sudan. Our hearts are deeply saddened and burdened for the future of our beloved country.

This last week we sent a small team back to Tonj to reopen the medical clinic. We do have about three months medical supplies but the government clinic is out of medicine so our clinic is the only stocked pharmacy at this point. Getting our team back to Tonj took them from Kenya to North Uganda and then a flight to South Sudan to avoid the conflict areas. They arrived safely and ready to serve. As a small team supporting the community health workers and people of Tonj, they really need your prayers. I know they will get overwhelmed by the enormous needs that are escalating every day. Here are some specific prayer requests concerning the fighting and effects on South Sudan:

  • Pray for a peaceful, sustainable solution to come quickly to all parties involved in this conflict.
  • Pray for the civilians, especially those who have been displaced.
  • Pray for wisdom for our team on the ground that they would be both blessing and encouragement to the people of Tonj.
  • Famine is likely following the devastating floods of the rainy season and now the displacement of people. Pray food supplies would be given in abundance over the next few months.
  • Pray for safety for our team and wisdom for the leadership as we direct the ministry and make decisions that effect lives.
2014 Tonj Team

Furlough and Road Trip!

Our family is two weeks into our home assignment (furlough) and excited to see how the Lord will use this time stateside to benefit both our ministry and our family. The mission conference was a fabulous time of spiritual feeding, encouragement and meeting many new people. We do have a schedule for our time here and would love to invite you to help us share our story and ministry with churches, home groups, men and women’s studies and any person you feel would be touched. If you would be interested in hosting a small gathering, possibly for brunch or coffee and dessert at your home and giving us a platform to share we would be most grateful for that chance and would love for you to contact us.

We plan to be in the following areas/States in February, March and April: San Diego, Orange County, Indio, Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Arizona,
New Mexico, Dallas, Houston, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Panama City, Florida. We are praying about visiting friends in Tennessee, Kentucky, and North Carolina as well as Northern California sometime in May. As we will be driving we do have a lot of flexibility and we are open to the Lord’s plan and direction. We also need to keep up with home-school and would appreciate your prayers for the kids as we travel and make plans for.

“Though an army may encamp against me,
My heart shall not fear;
Though war may rise against me,
In this I will be confident.”
– Psalm 27:3

4 thoughts on “January 2014 Newsletter”

  1. How can I send money designated for the famine so you can receive supplies quickly now in anticipation.

    Our God is Faithful and will provide for our every need. We pray for all to receive the Lord as their Savior and no matter what befalls us we will be with Him 100% of the time. Follow Him and pray before we act.
    Abba Father, how Your heart must cry at what you see down here. We ask you to put a protective hedge around Your people as they seek to comfort and heal the nations people with the provisions you have given. thank You in Jesus name, AMEN

  2. Just so you are aware, Donna White is Stephanie Staubs’ (my daughter) grandma. We are all praying!

  3. I am praying for you and your family for a good re-entry and a time of rest and refreshing. I pray you have many opportunities to share what the Lord has been and is doing in your lives. God bless you and keep you all safe. Dawn

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