Purity Conference.

From Left to right: Steph, Maureen,Tiana, Whitney and Stephanie



Towards the end of July we had our missionary ladies in the compound at IDAT  host a purity conference with school girls from Tonj.  Having four ladies in the compound have helped a lot to pull the day off.

Whitney, Stephanie Staubs, Stephanie cracker , Tiana  Duncan and Maureen Aduvuka our lab technician worked very hard  for a week to put it together. They visited three schools around here and invited the girls for the conference.

Sharing testimonies and reading scriptures and playing games marked the day with seriousness of God’s word in their lives and the games / sharing brought a sweet fellowship among the girls.  It seem all the girls enjoyed their time and they were encouraged very much by our missionaries.

Pray for the local girls here in Tonj, the harvest is great but laborer are few.. The one day conference is just a beginning, there is many things need to be done. Pray for our missionary ladies that remain in Tonj to continue the good work.

Here are some photos from the day. Enjoy!

Stephanie sharing in a session
The girls pose for a photo
Time for fellowship
Girls enjoying the games session
Having tea and snacks


Sicilia serving snacks

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  1. Say Yes! And God will use you. ARe there people working on the long range problem of being able to produce goods and services to market? Just wondering. I want to work with others on a problem solving team that will enable yoru people to prosper again. Of course the first step is to be aligned with God’s purpose and get the Truth of the Gospel out to those who the Holy Spirit is touching. As people grow in number and purpose, and learn His ways, thing swill begin to change. Please let me know the name(s) of anyone you are aware of that is working on this long term goal.
    I care very much about what is important to the Father and Son and that is obvious HE has started something big up there, I continue to hold yoo up in prayer and ask God to have mercy on the people as they look to Him for their answers. Bless you all…..Stephanie Staubs Grandmother (aka Balloon Gramma)

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