Dangers Lurking…Please Pray!

Written by Suzy Kuj

We come to you and ask for prayer as we have been facing some difficult situations:

Pray for Afforey, he is a Ugandan truck driver that was shot just 40 km from Tonj on the road to Rumbek. The bullet entered his thigh and came out through his tailbone. Thankfully the bullet passed through but we do not know if there has been lasting damage to his spine. He is in a foreign country and alone. We know the Lord brought him to our clinic for love and care and we are planning to medevac him later this week. He is the second Ugandan shot this week and brought to us for treatment.

Due to the road insecurity, Sabet was also stuck in Rumbek last week collecting a visitor. MAF were able to divert an airplane and take them back to Tonj. Now our visitor is with us for 12 days and Lord willing we can fly her out of South Sudan without traveling on the Rumbek road. Please pray for that.

Last night while we were sleeping someone cut through our fence and started to lift the screen from the bathroom window of our house (which only has 2 other rooms). Theft has become a big problem in Tonj and the thief truly was taking a risk breaking into our home knowing we are sleeping there. Thankfully he did not choose the children’s bedroom and as far as we can tell he did not succeed to get into the house. I actually get up once in the night for the loo but last night I got up three times!! We think I may have disturbed him as we found a metal rod on the ground outside and after my last loo visit I stayed up to do some bookkeeping and it was around 4 am. We are so thankful for God’s protection as he has revealed these problems to us so we can be more guarded. He has also revealed several snakes around the compound and scorpions in the house/kids bedroom.

Feeling the need to ask for prayer covering for our safety and protection.