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“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to do  it.”  – Proverbs 3:27

I am preparing to leave Tonj, South Sudan after 3 months of helping out in surgery, and would like to share some experiences.

Three days after I arrived here, IDAT had a team working in theater. The team functioned almost at the outset like veterans, though most were new to theater. Each of us on the team sensed the leading of God almost daily.

Gabriel and Santos, two South Sudanese and Anne is the anesthetist
Patients lined up for surgical bookings. Regrettably, we turned away  many  for lack of  sufficient facility and equipment.  Still,  we did 60 surgeries in theater,  most of them hernias,  common among the Dinka  people in South Sudan.

The picture shows Gabriel and Santos, two South Sudanese, closing up a surgery. Anne is the anesthetist (and seasoned midwife). Not shown are Margaret and Auxillia, also anesthetists-in-training (and skilled midwives). These young men have become skilful at assisting in surgery, and closing surgeries with minimal supervision.

What lies ahead? We hope to build a theater to attract and heal the South Sudanese. Early building has begun on what the  citizens call Sabet Hospital. We believe the Lord is preparing a way forward. Please pray that we may be sensitive and obedient to His leading.


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  1. I want to tell the teams that helps in the theater and in just general help that through their faith in Jesus Christ our Lord and savior that the Lord will bless them for ther works. My prayers are for these teams to be guided by the Holy Spirts and that the Lord blesses you with more and better facilities and equipment, that help is given in all of your finances for everything; also that many would be healed in Jesus name I pray. God bless you all…

  2. We have prayed for the clinic at Tonj for many months. We now have begun to pray for a complete hospital for all of you\Fully equiped, staffed year round In Tonj
    That all the required
    paper work and funding would be complete. As the peoples of
    South Sudan know where to come for medical needs they also know where to come for Prayer and comfort of our Lord Jesus.
    We know the Lord see’s your hearts and desire for the peoples
    to see Jesus love for them. Blessings dear one’s.

  3. Many thanks to God and for your obedience to His call to go and serve in Tonj. Thank you for the good report and encouraging news. The prayers continue for reaching more people with the healing of body, soul and spirit. Hope to communicate you soon, Dr. Stick.

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