Praises on the Surgeries

Dr. Michael stick arrived in Tonj on Friday January 20th and he has been doing surgeries here in Tonj. Many patients have come from far distances to book for surgeries mainly on hernia repairs. Major surgical cases must go to Wau Hospital which is 2-3 hours drive away. Dr Stick and our medical staff together with community health workers have prepared a surgical theater that is at the government hospital. The first surgery was performed on 24th January and was a hernia repair. There are so many people in this area that need hernia repair and since we didn’t have any clinic or hospital here in Tonj which does surgery these people are very happy to have Dr Stick with us.

So far we have had 28 surgeries performed just on hernias. Praise God! All cases have gone well and we have seen no complications. We praise God for the addition of Dr Stick and to our medical staff who are working tiredly day and night to serve this community.

Yesterday I had a chance to chat with two adults in the clinic who had been operated on and returned to the clinic for the wound care. Inal Deng Lual, 50 years old, was operated on 23rd February 2012 for a hernia. He told me that he had lived with that deformity without knowing that one day he would have a miracle of healing. Sadly, when I ask him if he knew God, he said that he had never heard anything about God. But he is so very happy for the healing and I encouraged him that God is his healer. If he believes in God he will receive even a spiritual healing.

The second man Majok Madut Madir who is 32 years old, was operated on 14th February and he is also coming for the wound care. He told me he feels much better though he still has pain on his wound. He knew a little about God because he said there must be somebody who created everything in this world including him. I prayed for them both and latter referred them to one of our Pastor trainees, Pastor Joseph, who will be doing some follow-up with them.

God bless our medical staff for their hard work, Surgeon Dr Stick, Indeed and Truth Team for their support and also you for your support and prayers for us for these surgeries to be successful.

“God is not unjust; he will not forget your work and the love you have shown him as you have helped his people and continue to help them” – Hebrews 6:10.