Praise Report

JosephAn adult patient was brought to our clinic on 31st January 2012. His history was that he had conversion the previous night and he could not walk and talk. Joseph Madit (50 years old) was diagnosed of infection of the brain and stroke. On his right side of the body he had a paralysis. The next day (1st February) the patient regained strength but he had a slurred speech. There was improvement of fingers and toes because they could move. Our doctors Dennis, Stick and Tom prayed for him and continued giving him treatments. On 2nd February Joseph could lift his hand even to greet people. The following day his strength was full and he could walk but his speech was still slurred. By that time the doctors tried to figure out what caused stroke, because his heart and blood pressure was okay. They all agreed to discharge him the next day but on treatment.

They advised him to come back today for checkup. During his time of discharge he could walk and also communicate but you have to repeat over and over again. Our doctors were very happy with his recovery. Today I went to see him and we prayed together with Dr. Dennis and he was talking and he understands what you tell him. The doctors will be reviewing him every week.

“With man this is impossible but with God all things are possible” – Matthew 19:26

May his name be glorified. Amen.