Guaria Village Praise Report

Guaria village has a population of about 496 people. One of our Bible School Trainees planted a church in Guaria village. The Gauria people love God so very much and they usually meet for fellowships every Saturday in the evening and they have invited us to come. They also have Sunday services. Albino (Compound Manager) has gone to the Saturday evening service a couple of times along with Pastor Joe and Peter Malok (Community Health worker) and some of our Pastors from the Bible School.

The major challenge they had was the lack of clean water for drinking. They requested our Ministry to drill a borehole for them if possible.  One interesting thing about this village is that they have unity or a oneness. They all joined hands; Pastors, chiefs, elders, men, women and youth and sent to our ministry a proposal that stated that they are in need of a borehole. Our partners, Aid Sudan, sent a group on Saturday morning to Guaria village to drill a borehole. Every member in Guaria along with the women and children were there together to see what was going on in their village. These people are so very excited because they are looking forward to having a borehole which will give them clean water for drinking and will help prevent many of the common diseases such as diarrhea.

Because of this borehole and the availability of water, they will now be able to implement projects such as green vegetable planting and mango planting. This will result in the growth of Guaria and the other surrounding villages.

They thank God above all for remembering them, and they also thank Aid Sudan, our Ministry IDAT and our supporters and all those who participated.

“So that people may see and know, may consider and understand, that the hand of the Lord has done this, that the Holy One of Israel has created it.” – Isaiah 41:20

Guaria Village