Speared! (Photo warning)

An adult male patient was brought to our clinic on tonight around 11.00 pm.  Majuok was working in his garden around 6 pm when a certain man came from nowhere and attacked him.  He pierced him with a spear on his right arm when Majuok tried to protect himself.

He tried to run as fast as he could but the man ran after him and pierced the spear on his left abdomen.  He continued running with the spear being in his abdomen.  When he tried to pull it out the large intestines came out through a narrow opening.  As a result of this, compression over the intestines occured and the tissues were already dying.  Our medical staff were alerted and they immediately stabilized the patient and gave him antibiotics, cleaned and covered the wound.  Our compound manager was called, he prayed for Majuok and together with one of our Community Health Worker they took the patient to Wau Hospital in the ambulance for further treatment and for surgery.  In the morning the following day he was being prepared for surgery.He is still in Wau Hospital undergoing treatment.  Please pray for him for his recovery.  If we get an update we will let you know.