Michezo Afrika! by Frankline Shelimba

I was very happy when Walter called me to tell me that he wanted me to join him for a mission in Southern Sudan. From there I started planning and at the same time preparing for the mission since this was going to be my first Mission outside my country.

When I was on the plane from Nairobi to Loki and from Loki to Rumbek I was so quite since I dint know anything about Southern Sudan. And since this was my first time to come to this country, what I was looking forward for was the sports ministry and at the same time celebrate independence with the new Southern Sudan. When we arrived at Lokichogio I remember asking Walter to give me some info about our mission and the place we are heading. Walter just told me that the place is very hot and we should prepare something very basic since the level of sports is very low.

On my arrival we were met with Sabet who took us to meet his family and Dena at the restaurant. During the lunch Sabet and Suzy started walking us through the ministry preparing us for the task ahead of us. I was very happy to arrive at the compound and meet the rest of the staff and missionaries who were using their skills and God given talent to serve the community.

After a good briefing on the ministry I was ready to use what the Lord has placed in my hand to serve the community of Tonj. We started the training by a small ice breaking game just to help us and the participants to get to know each other and being free.

My experience here if I was to use one word I will use Servant hood, I’m saying this because since the first day I arrived in Tonj all I could see was people serving one another and serving the Lord through the ministry. One person who his servant hood you could see was Sabet, since he was always running up and down taking time to listen to everyone even the little children. He served his family, staff and the community with a loving heart. Medical staff used their skills in serving the community even if how late or early it was. Whenever they were called they went to attend to a patient and they did that with a loving heart. Jane and Esther really used what the Lord has blessed them with to serve the whole compound with their wonderful meals and the energy they do put in their work.

Am looking forward coming back to help in training and implementing Sports Ministry here in Tonj.