IDAT 1st Annual Women’s Retreat

We went to our women’s retreat last week and it was so wonderful. We left Monday morning and headed to Nakuru. It’s located about three hours from Nairobi. We stayed on a dairy farm called Kembu Farm. The Nightingale Family own the dairy farm and rent cottages on their property. Suzy could not have picked a more perfect place. It is beautiful. We split up into two cottages that both were amazing. After being in Sudan, we enjoy simple luxuries like flushing toilets, hot showers and sinks.

I loved everything about this place. The family that owns the place were so nice. We brought food and made most of our meals except for our last night when we ate dinner with the family, Andrew, Zoe and their son. They were very kind. We had lots of different types of pizzas (yellow pepper and salami was my favorite), salad and cake for dessert. They have quite a few dogs that added to the charm of the place. My favorites were Tink and Buster. They would hang out at the cottages with us and even spent the night sometimes. Buster would accompany us down to the dairy. Tink wasn’t allowed so when we got to the gate, we had to say “Go home Tink.” Tink was very obedient and would sadly lower his head and go home. I fell in love with Buster.

Buster is owned by Andrew’s mom who runs the Kenana Knitting Project. They are famous for dying wool (yarn) using flowers, vegetables and other plants. Their products are sold world wide. They have 240 ladies from the community work for them. In addition to selling items, they also provide many community services such as HIV testing/treatment, literacy programs and other health programs. We got a tour of their facilities and enjoyed shopping in the gift shop.

On Wednesday we went on a safari at Nakuru Lake Park. It was really fun. They are known for their flamingo population. We also saw giraffes, rhinos, baboons, gazelles, zebras, monkeys and one lion’s back. I once again fired up my Lion King soundtrack on my ipod and listened to it as we drove around.

The theme of our retreat was forming Godly relationships. It was based on the book “The DNA of Relationships.” We had wonderful sessions of teaching from Dena and good discussion time. God was very present during our time together and much was done to solidify our relationships. I learned a lot about good ways to communicate and how to honor others. The topic was perfect and God really blessed us with Dena.

This retreat was just what I needed after coming out of Sudan worn out. I am so thankful for the beautiful place and relaxation we experienced. Thank you God for knowing what we needed and providing it abundantly.